Thursday, October 14, 2021

Tupperware Fridgesmart Containers

I have been a fan and have owned Tupperware for donkey's years.  Technically I am a Tupperware rep, but I never sell it and have no interest in doing so.  I just joined Tupperware to get a good deal.  I did however have an "online party," at the beginning of the year as son wanted some Tupperware for his birthday.  He had used some of mine and loved it, so I figured I would have a party and see if anyone else wanted some Tupperware at the same time.

I picked up some of the Fridgesmart containers and I love them.  So in case some of you aren't familiar with them I thought I would show you mine.

I have three sizes of containers, but there are four sizes available.  The one with the carrots is the medium deep, there will be close to 5 lbs of carrots in there.  I normally keep romaine lettuce in it.  We buy romaine hearts in packs of three and that holds a pack of three.  It will also hold four to six bell peppers.  The one with the bell pepper inside is the small deep.  I generally keep bell peppers in there.  The one with the cucumber in it is the small shallow.  I generally keep radishes in them and they store wonderfully.

In the photo above you can see pictures of various fruits and vegs on the sides of the containers.  It indicates which position you should slide the slider for that particular product (photo below).  It's a venting system to keep the produce fresher.
My kids buy a lot of fruit for the grands and they have had varying success with storing fruits in them.  I tend to keep veggies in mine as I don't buy a whole lot of fruit.
There is more information on the products here.  I know you can buy cheaper products from Rubbermaid etc.  I am very happy with these though so far.  They are dishwasher safe.  I have been using the Ziploc Veggie Bags for years, but prefer these containers.

However the downside to the Tupperware containers are that they take up a lot of room, whereas the Ziploc produce bags squeeze in smaller places.

Are you a fan of Tupperware?


Caree Risover said...

I subscribe to the belief that all those socks that go missing in the wash turn into Tupperware lids in light of the number of unconnected lids and odd socks that I forever accumulate.

Angela said...

I have gone over to lock'n'lock as I prefer the seals. Tupperware seems harder to come by too. I've never been a fan of tupperware parties. However I still have a Tupperware spaghetti storer from the 1980s and two large canapé servers which are all in regular use. These ones with the freshness seal look interesting - I keep veg in homemade cloth bags

crafty cat corner said...

This post bought back memories of when I used to go to Tupperware Parties years ago. I loved the stuff but they seem to have died out here in Uk.
I particularly liked the lettuce crisper.

William Kendall said...

I have a couple of similar containers that I use if I'm taking something to work that I'll be microwaving.

Jackie said...

I haven't used Tupperware in a long time other than some very old pieces that my Mother had and I inherited.

God bless.

Margie from Toronto said...

I remember going to a couple of Tupperware parties with my mom - kind of a rite of passage at the time. I always found them to be good quality and owned a number of different pieces. I've never heard of anyone having a party for years now but I do remember seeing a set up in the Eaton Centre a few years ago - but they just had samples and you had to place orders.

I too have been switching to glass lock & lock containers - just trying to limit my plastic use - although the weight of glass when carrying food to the office is a consideration. The containers that you show would be too bulky for my apt. sized fridge - I do remember one that used to be used for veggies - it was green and long enough to hold celery or a romaine lettuce - it had a removable bottom that allowed moisture to drain away and did a good job of keeping things fresh.

Are they only available online now?

Rose said...

I did not know if one could still buy tupperware. I did use it in my younger days. And I did like it.

Practical Parsimony said...

I absolutely love Tupperware! However, I sent damaged pieces for replacement and never got the pieces, so I refuse to buy from then again. I may relent for those pieces to hold salad.

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