Monday, October 4, 2021

A bit of this and that

We finally had a quiet weekend.  Saturday the weather was glorious, so we spent time in the garage, shed and garden doing some tidying up.  We cut the grass and although it looks lovely and green the lawn is full of weeds.  We have been going back and forward as to whether or not we'll use a lawn service again to do the weeding and feeding of our lawn.  However after working out what it would cost us to do it ourselves, we would not be saving any money.  We have around 4,500 sq ft of lawn, so we need quite a bit of product.  It's the weed killer that costs the most amount.  So I will be calling them in the next week or two to book their service for 2022.  Calling before the end of the month will give us a 10% discount which is better than nothing I guess?

We are planning on putting things away for the season next weekend as it's Thanksgiving weekend.  We don't normally do much of anything with the family.  Hubby will be helping our son close his pool for the season one day and we'll do our things around the house the other two days.

Sunday as it was raining on and off all day was spent in the house.  I am working on a project for the grand's for Christmas.  I will share with you when I get the first one finished.  It was nice not having to do too much after having such a busy three weeks.

Hubby is back to work today so it will be a bit strange not having him around the house.  He has decided to work until he is 65 so only another two years to go.  We are lucky though that if he decides he has had enough he can leave work when ever he wants.  We have been working on putting all our "ducks in a row," ready for retirement for a while now.  He just doesn't want to leave his work just yet.

Hope you all have a great week😊  Are all your ducks in a row?


Joy said...

What a great idea to use a lawn servicing company. Those weeds are a pain to deal with!

Caree Risover said...

We always give our lawn an application of weed and feed in autumn but when I went into our local agricultural merchant’s the other week I took a step back when I saw the price. It was a large sack of a new (to us) product but my immediate thought was we could have gardeners round for that amount! I went back a couple of days ago though and they had supplies of our usual stuff for a more modest outlay. I have to keep DH busy somehow!

My Piece of Earth said...

When Hubby was working we used a lawn service, however, now he is retired he needs jobs around the yard to keep him busy, he likes busy, so now does it all himself. Having said that we did have a service just do the erator work in the Spring. That is a job for someone young.

Rose said...

I keep forgetting you have started blogging again...and I love your day to day stuff.

Jackie said...

Trying to get them in a row, but some weeks they seem to stray a bit. Or perhaps I just am easily swayed to let something go for a bit.

God bless

William Kendall said...

Bottoms up!

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