Friday, October 15, 2021

Same everyday

 Are you like me, I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday.

For breakfast I have my overnight oats with a cup of herbal/fruit tea.  I am drinking ginger tea at the moment.

For lunch I have hummus and rice crackers, along with a cup of coffee and an apple sauce cup.

I buy the hummus from Walmart.

I love how it's pre-portioned, so I don't over indulge!
Although the fat content is a little high, I do enjoy the taste.
I eat half a package of these rice crackers everyday.  They come in different flavours, these ones just happen to be cheese.  By the way they are not "New," I think the packaging is just a little different.  They are Wal-Mart's own brand.
It would be helpful if the sodium was a little lower, but it's not too bad.
With the applesauce I prefer the name brand over the no name brands, so pick up Motts Fruitsations whenever possible.

I always buy the unsweetened despite LOVING the apple sauce with pears 😋

Do you eat the same for breakfast and lunch everyday?  If so what is your food of choice?


Practical Parsimony said...

I do eat the same thing everyday. A banana and milk are my first breakfast. A little later, I have a second breakfast--bread and cheese sandwich. Or, I get up so late that the second breakfast is lunch. I have to have a pill and wait an hour. I have a stomach condition and am not supposed to eat much at one time. I am about to start having oatmeal everyday for first breakfast and then have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Only if I don't have a banana or cheese do I depart from these choices.

crafty cat corner said...

One banana and a cup of coffee plus vits, keeps me going for the morning and the bonus is that I get no indigestion.

Rose said...

No, I don't eat the same thing every day. But breakfast is usually one of two things: a fried bologna sandwich or peanut butter and crackers...and occasionally will have a sausage sandwich.

Karen said...

Either oatmeal or eggs. And copious cups of tea.

William Kendall said...

My meals tend to vary.

Jackie said...

One day I have yogurt for breakfast, the next day cereal of some kind, and the third day toast.

Lunches vary between leftovers, an open faced sandwich and fruit, or just fruit.

I am going to look for that hummus the next time I go to Walmart. I like the idea of portions cause I usually over do when I have it.

God bless.

Jackie McGuinness said...

No, I never have the same thing. Sometimes fruit and yogurt, toast and a banana, toast and cheese, boiled egg etc.
Lunch tends to be whatever is hanging around the fridge. John loves homemade soup, me not so much.
LOL I just had hummus today. Have you tried the rice crackers from the $ store?

Maggie said...

I have no problem with eating the same thing several days running, although I don't eat breakfast as i'm never hungry in the morning, I do sometimes have overnight oats or baked oats and fruit for my dinner. Love hummus, I usually have it on Ryvita crackers.

Hawaii Planner said...

I just made applesauce today. Homemade is so delicious, & I cut the sugar in half.

I eat one of a few things every day. I also fast a lot in the mornings, but if I'm eating breakfast, I sometimes have a protein bar, or an egg. For lunch, I tend to do a salad with protein on it.

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