Saturday, October 30, 2021

Wednesday is a bit busy for me........okay.....

So I pick up this little guy after daycare once a week. He comes back to our house and stays for his supper:

The first week I picked him up on a Tuesday.  The next week it was Wednesday, because I had a dentist's appointment.  That day we walked to the pond, and this was how the conversation went:

Me: "I'll pick you up next week on Wednesday."

Liam: "No you need to pick me up on Tuesday."

Me: "Why?"

Liam: "I am a bit busy on a Wednesday."

Me: "Okay; so Wednesday's a busy day for you?"

Liam: "Yes."

This from the mouth of a 3 year old who generally doesn't know what day it is!!!  So Tuesday it is then!

Then this little guy is already 4 months old!!

He's going through "I love Mommy the best of all," stage!!  We all love him to the moon and back; even when he is grumpy!!


Practical Parsimony said...

Cute kids. That baby is so precious!

Joy said...

Such delightful photos. xx

crafty cat corner said...

I really miss having young children around but there's nothing in the offing from any of my Grandchildren yet.

William Kendall said...

Very cute.

sandi s said...

They are both just adorable!! I love having my 5 year old grandson come over to spend time with me. Hugs,

Jackie said...

Ahhh, he already knows his own mind that boy.

Such cute children.

God bless.

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