Friday, October 1, 2021

Vaughan Mills,

Met dd at Vaughan Mills, to do a bit of shopping.  It is an indoor mall, and I think it must be around 2 years since I was last there.  It's a decent sized mall all on one floor with a good mix of shops.  Unlike my closest indoor mall there were very few, if any empty store fronts.  I was quite surprised about that, as the retail industry has suffered a lot due to the pandemic.  

As it was a Thursday and in the morning when we met up, it wasn't too busy at all.  I don't think I would feel the same on a weekend though. You felt quite safe as everyone wore masks.  We ate our lunch in the food court and again very safe.  It was cordoned off and you have to show your vaccination certificate, along with identification to be able to sit down in there.  The tables were spaced apart and someone was cleaning there all the time.

Dd wanted to get a bit of Christmas shopping done.  I went along for the morning out, but did end up getting her, her birthday gift while there.  I brought it home with me, as she wants it wrapped and presented in the's a Michael Kors wallet.

I was able to finish off all the grand children their Christmas presents other than the baby.  Part of his gift is a box of diapers and the way he is growing I will pick them up closer to the time.  His parents suggested that, as he has no need for anything else.

Dd then bought my Christmas gift from her and her brother.  It is a purse/handbag from this wall of goodies in Kate Spade!!!  She took it home with her and as I pointed out, I will have forgotten about it by the time Christmas comes along.  They were having a super sale right throughout the store.

All in all we wandered around for 3 hours, I managed to walk 7k in steps which was a bonus.  We put the world to right and had a good time catching up.  I was tired when I got home though.  Once over I could walk all day shopping, those days have well and truly passed now!


Joy said...

What a wonderful collection of bags! Those colours . . .

Caree Risover said...

I’m always amazed how far I walk in town. Earlier this week in York a stroll from the station to an exhibition and back via a coffee shop and lunch stop with a walk on the city walls clocked up over 3 miles without even trying. At least it justified the cake that accompanied the coffee!

William Kendall said...

I've heard of it; just never been there.

Margie said...

I haven't been to Vaughan Mills in years. When they first opened, I remembered trying out a new crepes place/kiosk.

That's smart to get your Christmas shopping done early!

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