Saturday, October 2, 2021

No before's, but plenty of after's!

We finally got the front hall closet finished.  It's all freshly painted and we redid the interior as the existing closet shelves, did not make the most of the space.

First we purchased a ClosetMaid 7-ft to 10-ft White Adjustable Mount Wire Shelving Kit from Lowes.  They are available in other places and you can find other brands that are similar.  We priced out what we would need and this kit worked out much cheaper than individual pieces.  With taxes this worked out to be $247.47.  We bought an additional $113.11 in individual pieces, so in total this whole project cost $360.58.  

We normally buy our closet organizer's from the Solutions store, but they have closed a number of stores down, I am assuming due to the pandemic and our closest store is a good 90 minutes away.  Plus it would have cost twice as much as this one from Lowes and we would have had to order it.

So now for the photos.

This first photo, show's the front hall closet.  There are 9 foot ceilings here and full mirrored doors that are both are curse and a blessing.  They are great that they reflect so much light into the main floor rooms.  They are a curse when small children put their sticky fingers and faces all over them!  However we are winning the battle with small children and only have one more to go who will do that!

This side of the closet is a little over 36 inches wide.  The kit came with 12 inch deep shelves.  We ended up purchasing a 16 inch deep shelf for the lower of the two shelves to make it work better for us.  This part is the same as the old configuration.
Now on this side is where the biggest change has been.  These shelves are only 17 inches wide.  Originally there was only the top shelf with some hooks underneath and the two shoe shelves at the bottom.
With adding all those extra shelves it has made a world of difference.
All our winter hats, scarves and gloves are in individual plastic shoe boxes I have used these for a while and they are a perfect way of storing these items.  I have ran out of labels, but I need to add more labels to make it easier to see whose items are in which box.  I bought mine at Walmart, but I couldn't find them online, but here are some.  Not sure if the dollar stores sell them, which would be cheaper.
I am missing a couple of things for the closet.  I have put up a couple of Command Hooks for a couple of dh's baseball caps, but need to find a Baseball Cap Holder like this one.  I also need to find another boot tray for under the shorter shelves to put there for winter.

Overall very happy with the results of this project and it's something that will last for years.


Joy said...

It looks brilliant. I dearly love organised storage space. xx

William Kendall said...

Things look well set.

Jackie said...

Very well done. Nicely organized and set up.

God bless.

Jackie McGuinness said...

You have inspired me!! I need to clean out our hall closet. I also need to get baskets from the $ store to keep it tidier.

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