Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Lesson Learned

I decided to make some bean and vegetable soup on the weekend.  I forgot to get my soup beans out the night before and soak them.  So I put them in a pan covered with water; brought it too a boil and then took it off the heat and let them soak for an hour.

I drained and rinsed them and went on to make my soup.  I simmered on a low heat for the rest of the day.  I had a dish for supper on Saturday and it was so good.

A couple of hours later, my stomach began to cramp up and the flatulence began😮  I went to bed with a horrible cramping stomach, believing that I would be fine on Sunday.  Nope, just the same.  Went on two walks on Sunday thinking, things would "move."  Nope, woke up on Monday still had a cramping stomach.  Went on a walk and this time things "moved," when I got back home.  As I am writing this on Monday evening, my stomach is still not right.

So raw beans contain compounds known as lectins. These are glycoproteins found in all kinds of plant foods. Although some glycoproteins are not harmful, others can be toxic, including the ones found in raw beans.  Now my beans weren't raw, but I have a feeling that the larger ones may not have been fully cooked, though everything tasted fine too me.

Now my stomach has become more and more sensitive the older I get.  So in future I will soak my beans!!

P dot S: I so hope by the time you read this everything is back to normal!!


Practical Parsimony said...

For some reason, I had movement in my pants today, the solid-ish kind of movement. It was awful. Put a little baking soda in beans to counteract flatulence. Beans raw are not good for you as you found out. I am glad you are somewhat better.

Joy said...

Were they red kidney beans - they're the ones that cause the serious problems unless they are given twenty minutes to keep the toxins, although most pulses have what might be called a 'windy element' about them. I do hope you're feeling better now.

My Piece of Earth said...

Did not know that about beans, thanks for the info. I cooked some frozen spinach on the weekend and had cramping pains and the "Back door trots". Never had that happen before, but age, I am sure has something to do with it.
Glad you feel more like yourself, I do today.

Hawaii Planner said...

Oh no! I've had this happen before & it stayed with me for a few days at least. Fingers crossed that you are feeling better!

Jackie said...

Oh dear, I do hope your stomach is better today. Not nice to be bloated and uncomfortable.

God bless.

William Kendall said...

Or better yet, don't eat any kind of beans.

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