Tuesday, October 12, 2021


 I have started reading a book by Maxine Morrey called "#No Filter."

"Popular lifestyle blogger, Libby Cartwright, is being boggled by business when help shows up in the shape of gorgeous but shy, Charlie Richmond. Libby’s determined to keep it at ‘just good friends’ – she’s dated someone from ‘Corporate Land’ before and it didn’t end well. As she and Charlie begin spending more time together, Libby is starting to waver – until she discovers something which makes her question if she’s ready for love.

Still reeling, she suffers another blow as her blog is attacked in a national newspaper, for promoting unachievable perfection. Libby knows it’s not true – but the only way to prove that is to strip off the armour she’s been wearing for years.

Is she brave enough to show the world she’s far from perfect? And will Charlie be by her side if she does…"

Our local Indigo sells three paperback books for $10, and this was one of them I picked up last time I was in.

As you can see it's about a blogger.  It got me to thinking about my blog and one thing that niggles me about my blog is that I can not reply directly to peoples comments.  I can only reply by doing a regular comment that isn't attached to the persons comment; if that makes sense?

So again I was trying again to see if I could make any progress on that problem, but got no where again.  Other people's blogs can do that, but not me?

As blogs go mine is very basic.  I will never be like a lifestyle blogger.  I don't understand Instagram.  Tik tok is beyond me!!  I am on Facebook and do like that.  Twitter is something I don't understand also.  Maybe I am getting too old for all of this technical stuff.

Are you happy with the way your blog looks?


Joy said...

To be honest, I just blog for me. It's like a diary that others are welcome to read if they want to. It is in no way a lifestyle thing in that I am specifically promoting some thing(s) or some kind of life. It's just me. Even the SW blog is accountability for me.
Maybe that's why they are small scale - because I don't have any purpose beyond personal satisfaction.

What a nuisance to net be able to reply directly to comments. I'm sure you have checked your settings so no idea, sorry. There has to be some reason though. Could you try opening another blog, just temporarily, and see if you have the same problem there too?

The book sounds good, thanks.

angela said...

I don’t understand blogger all that much myself but for now it’s working for me
The annoying thing is once you sort it out they change it again.
So frustrating

Karen said...

I'm not a very techie person, and not really sure I want to be. My regular blog is okay. I archive it every third post or so in a scrapbook. I wish my travel blog was better. That's how I got started in the blog world and how I met my fella. That first blog went poof and when I tried to google it, came up with a hit I thought was mine, but when I clicked on that one, which had the same name, it was this gentleman who lived in the town near me....and the rest is history, sixteen years later!

Jackie McGuinness said...

I am also on Blogspot and can reply to comments BUT I have to click on reply and up pops comment, I then reclick on reply and I can then reply.
Try that.
When I am reading you through Bloglovin' I cannot comment. I have to go to you directly.
I'm happy with my blog, it is mainly a diary and a spot to feature all the photos I take. I also enjoy the people I have "met" and even met up with some. One I consider a real friend and we have gotten together many times in Mexico.

Margie said...

I'm a hobby blogger so mine is also pretty basic. If I try to monetize it, it won't be fun anymore!

On my blog, I get comment moderation e-mail notifications when a comment gets posted (I can't remember how I originally set this up though, but found this article: https://www.journeybytes.com/blogger-email-comment-notification-fix/). So I usually reply to comments via e-mail.

My blog does let me reply to comments (like a thread?), but I'm not sure if people get notifications on follow-up comments, so I prefer to reply via e-mail, if possible. Maybe you need to enable two-level commenting to get the "Reply" link under the comments?

Thanks for stopping by, Gill!

Winifred said...

Not sure how I enabled the reply function, it's so long since I set this thing up but it's quite good.

What I can't do however & I've given up trying is get rid of the redirect message I get every time I want to read someone's post. It drives me batty!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Look for 2 level comments, at least that should put your reply under the original comment.. Don’t know if they get sent to that person. I gave up Blogger years aho, use a self hosted Wordpress site..

Jackie said...

Hmmm, I notice that the comments do not have a reply button..... Strange.

My blog will never take off and get lots of comments, it is my diary, and my thoughts. I have always wondered what a lifestyle blogger really is.

I love your blog, down to earth, and just so you.

God bless.

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