Saturday, October 16, 2021


Dh and I were in Chapters/Indigo the other day and we were looking at a shelf of mugs and discussing what was written on them.

The first one we saw was the father one.  We decided number 2 isn't his thing and number 3 is definitely not dh's thing, as it's always me getting rid of the dead mice in the shed and all the spiders!!


We then moved onto the mother mug and I decided it fit me perfectly😜
Of course I thought the grand mother one was written just for me 😁
Then I saw this one and thought, they have spelled this wrong, Nana only has one "N."

I have enough mugs to start a shop, but I think I could possibly make room for some of those.  You can see more of what they carry here.


Angela said...

Yes I always spell it "Nana". But my family call me Grandma, Grandma Angela, or sometimes Grangela. I'm not sure how they would define me on a mug!

Joy said...

We always called out grandmother 'nanna' with two ns!
Love the mugs!

Jackie McGuinness said...

I called mine Nanny!

Maggie said...

I always thought it was Nanna, and then saw Nana everywhere, apparently as it's a nickname either spelling is correct

William Kendall said...

I've got plenty of mugs too. Probably too many.

Margie said...

Chapters has such a great collection of mugs. That's where I purchased (online) the pumpkin mug that was featured on this week's blog post. Thanks for the visit, Gill!

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