Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reading, wildlife and other stuff

Took a couple of photos showing you the vole tracks, so no doubt what grass we have will be all dug up now!!

I have been busy reading, so of course nothing else has been getting done.  Anyhow "won" this book through Chatelaine Magazine, and it was so good.  Marian Keyes, "This Charming Man."

It didn't take me long to get into it, and it was interesting, as I learned a lot about domestic violence, which is a theme which is intertwined throughout this story.  Also I love the Irish expressions used in this story as well; ones that I hadn't heard in years.  As you know I rarely read a book twice, so I will be donating this to my local library.

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While writing this on Wednesday night I have to the worst headache ever.  So not doing much of a post tonight, sorry.


Anonymous said...

Hi,I read the same book a couple of months ago! It took me ages to get through it, I thought the story was dragged on and on and on. At the moment I am reading R. D. Wingfeild's Frost books. I'v nearly finished the one and the 6th is the last. They are really funny and sad at the same time. Its difficult to put them down. Wish we had snow here. From a very sunny Dubai, Kirsty - who never comments :-)

Karine said...

Hi there Gill,

I hope you're headache is better this morning! I love the pictures of the mole tracks, they're cute little critters, but the do indeed do a job on the lawn!

MyBulletinBoard said...

Gill, I hope you are feeling better by now. God bless real big, Liz

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

I despise voles. They are an utter nuisance and absolutely destructive, aren't they?! (They are nothing like moles, which are kind of cute.)

I hope your headache has subsided and you're feeling much better today!

Ella said...

Feel Better Gill! Those voles are quite something aren't they!
Blessings, GG

Scrappy quilter said...

Hope your headache is now gone. Love seeing those tracks yet don't like what has caused them. Hugs

CannedAm said...

Loved this book! Just finished it a week or two ago. Had a difficult time with the voice of the first narrator ... the incomplete sentences, etc. Got used to it in the end, but found it very distracting throughout. Otherwise, LOVED IT! Loved the surprise near the end. Absolutely love when a book surprises me. This was an unexpectedly enjoyable read as I didn't have high expectations for it.