Friday, January 29, 2010

Bathroom habits........and other "stuff!"

I know bit of a strange thing to talk about, but something is puzzling me and has been for quite some time now.

Do you have magazines and books in your bathrooms?  The reason I ask this is, when I go to use the toilet the last thing I think of doing is reading a book or a magazine.  If I want to read a book, I prefer a more comfy seat.  Also when I go to the toilet I am in and out in as short a possible time.  Why do some people like to hang about in the bathroom for half an hour at a time?

The guys I worked with used to take the newspapers into the bathroom and you wouldn't see them for half an hour.  What on earth were they doing for half an hour????    Is this a man thing only?

I got a number of books in the mail on Thursday from a new to me online store, called Christianbookdotcom  It's an American site, but for us Canadians they ship out of Canada too, the warehouse is around an hour from where I live.  Great service, super prices and a good variety.

I paid $40 USD for all those books and the Waltons dvd, that includes $7.50 for shipping and 5% GST.  They were mainly 99 cents each, including the dvd.  I did pay $9.99 for the Kim Vogel Sawyer, "Sommerfield Trilogy" which of course is for three books!!

I will of course donate the books to the local library when I have read them, like always.

Did you remember to put your money in you Daily Savings Pot today?  We are nearly at the end of January so don't give up now!!

Today's Money Saving Tip:

If you are part of a book club, take at look at these tips on this link  These tips are also handy for any reader....

I do this every year: Ask for book tokens or bookshop gift cards as birthday and Christmas presents


Tracey said...

Noooooooooo, we don't do the reading thing while sitting on the loo either!
I loved the Waltons....

Lindsay said...

I use the facilities reserved for disabled people at the swimming pool. I swim early in the morning and often find an old newspaper lying on the floor (disgusting). The early morning staff obviously use this facility for a bit of peace and quiet. I complained to the manager who enquired how I knew who it was!

Unknown said...

Ho, we dont do reading in the loo either - although I've a feeling Hubby might sneek a book in there now and again. I think its rather unhygeinic.

Vicky x

MyBulletinBoard said...

We love CBD. When we were newlyweds and CBD was almost new, too, we each had our own catalogs so we didn't have to share!! Worked wonderfully well to keep the peace. We'd mark them up with all the books we WISH we could buy. One by one we'd narrow it down to what we could actually afford. Once they came online we gave up the paper catalogs. Those were the days! -- But we never had a copy for the toilet.

Liz, under snow and sleet in the Republic

Clippy Mat said...

hi Gill: still here. thanks for checking. haven't blogged or read posts much this last week or so. I think it's the winter blahs. Oh look, it's snowing again. ugh.
Nice music.
It made me jump tho' cos I wasn't expecting it.

Karine said...

Yup, I think the book and newspaper thing is generally a guy thing, although my mom did take a book in once or twice, I think just because my dad rubbed off on her. But he used to bring a newspaper or a book in with him and my boyfriend will do it sometimes too.

Patty said...

No reading material with me, I do grab the phone, just on case it rings while in there. Personally I like to get in and get it done. They say sitting on the john for long periods can cause hemorrhoids. So like you, I prefer an easier sitting spot to do my reading. Happy week-end, cold here, it is now 14 above at 10:30am

Shirley said...

When I was young I shared a bedroom with my two younger sisters. Once we were all in bed they didn't want the light on so I could read. I would take the book to the bathroom and read there. My grandmother told me she used to take her book to the outhouse to hide and read. Must run in the family.

Kadeeae said...

No, no potty readers here either, lol. Will take a book or magazine in with me if I'm having a really long bath tho.

I'm offline for the weekend, have a good one! :-)

Sisters of the Blog said...

Great deal on the books!

My dad read in the bathroom, and i followed suit until i was about 8, when he told me i had to hurry up because the rest of the family was ready to leave for the outing we had planned.

Didn't really read in there again until i got married, and my DH would read in there. I ended up putting a magazine rack in each bathroom, and i fell back into the habit of reading whilst there.

The husband of a couple who are dear friends will go into our bathroom and stay there for quite awhile. At first, his wife was embarrassed, and he replied upon re-entry into the living room, "You have the best things to read!" Now, we just take it for granted that K will be in there for half an hour reading.


Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

No no for us reading in the loo! Ah the Waltons♥

John Going Gently said...

homes and antiques magazines I AM afraid

Anonymous said...

lol great post! I have so many books on my wish list, but the libraries here compared to Canada are appalling. Do you know they charge £1 to order a book or transfer a book between libraries?

Decadent Housewife said...

I'm with you on the books in the bathroom thing. Think is a poopy idea.

Scrappy quilter said...

No we don't do any reading in the bathroom. Glad you found a new place to buy books. I put my money in our savings account yesterday. Hugs

Canadian Saver said...

Have you seen the was having a great sale too? Cleaning out a certain section of the warehouse. I deleted the email right away to get rid of the temptation!!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Tooo funny about the reading habits in bathrooms..... my guess that the long time spent by some folks is because their body's plumbing isn't working as well as it could.... maybe they had too much cheese and not enough fiber!

I've noticed (if this isn't offering too much information) when my fiber intake hasn't been enough over a couple of days, it requires a longer sitting because it just doesn't 'move' as quickly.

Anyways.... since you asked!

Maxmom said...

Hi there Gill
...thanks for visiting my blog - its always nice to make new friends! I really like your blog. It brings a smile to my face and seems to be smelting pot of lots of odd things - I love that kind of creativity. for reasons for having reading material in the bathroom- well the answer is simple - its the only place in the household where men can escape! :)
...Your column: Congratulations for getting the opportunity to write! That is really a wonderful accolade to have - wish I could say the same. Good luck! Nice introduction for your readers too!
...see you in a mo' off to read your more updated post!