Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The first time it was hard work.....

as I didn't know what I was doing.

After further instructions, the second time was easier.

The third time was hard work, and now the fourth time its just getting plain annoying.

What am I talking about, snow blowing the driveway; and it wouldn't be so bad, but we still have at least another three months of bad weather in front of us, if not more.  This snow blowing seems to be turning into the grass cutting.......a never ending flipping job.  Now granted unlike the grass cutting which takes hours and hours, there is nearly 5 acres to cut after all, I can get the driveway done in about an hour.

However we made a mistake and didn't put up snow fences so the snow has a habit of drifting on certain parts of the driveway, especially at the entrance to our driveway.  On Monday the snow must have been at least 3 feet deep on the end of our driveway.  Luckily dh has a 4 wheel drive and was able to get through it, but no one was getting either in or out of our driveway until I plowed it out.  Our snow blower is similar to this one

This is a photo of dh using the snow blower on Sunday:

This is the closest you will come to ever seeing him, he's camera shy!!  My brother Nick has written about snow and driving as well here

Now I'm not going to be about a lot for the remainder of the week, as I am working these next three days....depending on the weather!!  My old work called me in to cover for a vacation leave.   So that will be a change of pace for me, plus some extra pocket money.  I have just typed out a list of jobs that we need to get too this year and although there are only technically 24 jobs on the list, its long!!  This is what we'd like to do by next Fall:

1. finish attic

2. re-grade by basement patio door

3. basement insulation /drywall

4. laundry room

5. closets

6. garage door

7. repair garage sill

8. shed

9. garage rood

10. garage eaves troughs

11. replace electrical panel

12. replace all receptacles

13. receptacles in family room (power?)

14. old basement windows (drainage?)

15. new basement windows (drainage?)

16. new basement floor (hardwood?)/laundry room (tiles?)

17. fireplace boxes to replace

18. mud room, old door to replace

19. grout outside walls

20. mud room new door to repair

21. remove light fixture above front door (need soffit material)

22. family room (remove hardwood and drywall), replace insulation, plastic and drywall

23. family room (remove metal rail) make new half wall

24. insulate mudroom under floor

Now what this list doesn't tell you is exactly what these jobs involve; most are an awful lot of work, but I am going to stick it on the fridge on we can cross them off as we get them done.

Did you remember to put your money in your pot for the Daily Savings Club?

Today's money saving tip is:

Before you buy something, ask if the item will be put on sale in the near future.  I know Sears is good for this, especially in the furniture and appliance departments.


BadPenny said...

we don't need a snow plough but we've finally had a dusting of the white stuff !

Ginnie said...

Big list to keep you busy there!! We got snow here in the UK too !

Karine said...

I know what you mean about plowing the driveway, I remember when my parents had to SHOVEL ours out when I was very little. We never got a snow blower because my father worked too much to do the plowing and my mom was too small and not strong enough to use one, so shovel they did until they got too sick of having to do, hired out a contractor to come and clear the driveway and never looked back.

On another note, that is indeed quite the list you have there! Your house will look and feel amazing once it's all done though!

Tracey said...

You could just leave the snow and hibernate! xxx

MyBulletinBoard said...

So I guess you'd rather take pictures of dh blowing snow than doing it yourself? LOL All I want to do is stay warm. Fog this morning and threats of snow later. I thought Carol was supposed to keep the snow for us. We're going to have to talk to her about this!


Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Your list reminds me of ours, Gill. If we were to try to list everything we need to repair or replace around here ~ well...I would just have to stop at some point because it could go on and on and on. Heehee!

I hope you have a good 'work week.'

Wendy said...

You make lists like I do! :)

I've learned (through the 'Getting Things Done' community) that the reason I struggle is because, like you said, each item is really a project with many different 'Next Actions'. If you focus on the next 'Actionable' item, one at a time, you'll have a lot of success.

Or maybe you already know that. Even though it seems self evident, I had no idea.

Here's wishing you very much luck with crossing all those things off your list!

Ella said...

Being a list girl myself.....I can fully appreciate yours! Wishing you success as you tackle these projects ;-0
Blessings, GG

CannedAm said...

"only 24"

You kill me! LOL! "only 24" !!!!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

my goodness you have a lengthly list of projects for 2010. the snow blowing does not look particularly fun given the temps outside. when we had a big snow (24 inches)of two weeks ago i had a fellow with a loader clear out the driveway for $30. it beat us killing ourselves doing it and after all it was the big snow of the year...the next snow was just a small dusting. there is no need for us to invest in a blower as we've not seen such snow in the eight years we've lived here and probably will be another eight before we see it again ;)
take care.

Scrappy quilter said...

Coming home last night from church, the roads were drifting in because of high winds. We still have them today. We have a small driveway so we are okay. The joys of living in the country!! Hugs

Lib said...

We don't have to shovel snow here very thankful too!
Your to do list looks as long as mine.ha We'll slowly get there!
Thanks for your great tips!

Unknown said...

I complain about the heat but I am not so sure how I would cope with all that snow LOL!

Anonymous said...


I feel your pain. I hope you treated yourself to a nice hot bath afterwards. Your list is long and involved indeed. We have a list here but sometimes it gets so overwhelming. Thank you for sharing all your tips on saving.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a list that always seems like it gets bigger and not smaller! Glad you're digging yourself out easier than we did!! ~Stay warm!~

gwentman said...

Interesting blog. You probably know that Britain is having the most snow and coldest Winter for 30yrs. As you are, That British Woman,I invite you to look into my blog. I hope you find some photos of interest and they bring back some happy memories for you.

Winifred said...

That looks like a lawn mower Gill.

My drive took about an hour to clear. He said he was taking his time and needed a cuppa after that!

John Going Gently said...

a snow blower!

YOU'RE POSH!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a copious amount of snow across England at the moment. Very reminisient of Canada. Enjoy and bundle up!

cheshire wife said...

Thank you for your comment. Terry Wogan is 71.

I am sure that the snow does get boring. We have 3in at the moment, never mind 3ft, and it is a bit of a novelty.

Good luck with your list of jobs. I am hoping that we get the cottage finished this year. It will only have taken seven years!! Husband is not Speedy Gonzales.

A Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

The snow blower job looks a lot harder than they show on TV. Still better than shoveling though, isn't it? Your commentary always cracks me up. :-)

The job list is daunting! Will you get it all done in that short amount of time? We're cheering for you to. :-)

QuiltedSimple said...

wow. what a list. todd's been using the tractor and blade every night to plow the drive. i'm ready for spring