Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A bit of excitement and a song filled with memories.....

First the bit of excitement I am now writing a weekly column for the Eden Valley Messenger, which is an online newspaper from where we come from in Britain.  I mentioned the other day I had been asked to do it, and my first column was published on Monday.  Here it is, let me know what you think, leave a comment on the page, and I'd really appreciate it if you would pass it on to everyone you know, only if you want to!!

The hardest thing about writing this column is keeping it under 300 words.  Infact I think this weeks was closer to 350, it was originally closer to 400 words.  As you know once I start rambling on I don't know when to stop...LOL 

When I met dh he was and still is a big fan of Meatloaf.  Prior to meeting him I didn't really know much about Meatloaf, but the more I grew to love dh, the more I loved Meatloaf as he was always playing it on his tape deck (long before cd's were even invented!!) in his car.  When I popped over to Rob-bear's blog Meatloaf was playing on his playlist.  He has a great blog, but his playlist is even better!!

I don't have a play list on my blog, as what one person likes in music may not be another's taste.  I am one of these people I like most types of music, as long as I can hear what the words are!! 

Anyhow here is one of my favourite Meatloaf song's:  "I would do anything for love"

If you have another eight minutes to spare, listen to this one, "Paridise By the Dashboard Light."

Do you have a favourite Meatloaf song?

Did you notice I have taken that horrible photo of me down and replaced it with a graphic someone designed for me.  Do you like it?  It's different and cheerful.

Did you remember to put your money in your Daily Savings Pot today?

Today's Money Saving Tip and in this case a losing weight/diet tip as well:

Drink more water. Not only does drinking plenty of water have great health benefits, water drinking has financial benefits, too. Drink a big glass of water before each meal, and not only will you digest it better, you won’t eat as much, saving on the food bill as well. You’ll also find yourself feeling a bit better as you begin to get adequately hydrated (most Americans are perpetually somewhat dehydrated).


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Read your column Gill and think you made a great start. I should think the readers of the "Messenger" will find your weekly column interesting.

Tracey said...

Congratulations! I will look forward to reading your column, next it will be the dailies !!
Meatloaf.....I love him (can't believe how much we have in common!) I want Bat out of hell played at my funeral......cheerful aint I!!!!!!

Michela said...

Hello! I'm arriving via Tracey's blog! Great tip about drinking water, that's so true!
Greetings from Italy! :)

Rob-bear said...

Bear with you. Sure; I can do that quite naturally. And thanks for the backlink.
Love your blog — especially Meatloaf videos (though, strangely, I didn't see any recipes for meatloaf; must investigate more carefully).
I'll be back after I've read your column. (I'm working on one right now myself.)

Unknown said...

I love Meatloaf I saw him in concert here awhile ago and he was fabulous. I still wear my Meatloaf tshirt to this day and get comments on it.

I loved your column!!

Karine said...

I read your column and it's lovely! Congratulations :o)

Frugal Trenches said...

Oooh Congratulations that is wonderful news! I'm off to read now!

Water is something I am working hard to get more of right now!

MyBulletinBoard said...

Now you really, really, really are famous!!! Before you know it they'll be auctioning your autograph on eBay!

I don't think your old icon was horrible at all. I liked it, but the new one is pretty, too.

Liz, and we are hoping the snow doesn't fall tomorrow

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

How exciting!!!!! I read your column and like the others think you are off to a great and interesting start!! When you are famous and doing the talk-shows etc., we'll all be able to say we "knew you when!" :-)))

Kadeeae said...

Congrats on your column, will go and have a look before I go offline! :-)

Anonymous said...


I will indeed pop over to your article and spread the word! Congrats!

MeatLoaf -- what memories! My favorite song?
Hmm, Lemme sleep on it, I'll give you an answer in the mornin'.


Jenni said...

Hi Gill,
I am visiting from Tracey's blog and wanted to say hello! I think I have heard of the singer Meatloaf but am not sure...oh, and you are right about drinking more water! I have a hard time doing this, but it is on my list of things I need to work on! :) I hope you are having a great day! :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Gill,

Congratulations on the column! I certainly enjoy your sense of humor and following your works in progress. Good luck with the new adventure.

Kim U. - Wisconsin, USA

Anonymous said...

I have lots of Meatloaf memories!!!! oh boy!!!!!

Lib said...

CONGRATULATIONS Gill! You did a Great job!
Have a warm and cozy day!

John Going Gently said...

memories of going to iceskating with friends in a austin 1300!!!

chksnowqueen said...

Well done! Congratulations Gill on your most recent accomplishment.

Meatloaf... so many memories, and like you, we listened to it on a cassette tape. Do they still exist?


Canadian Saver said...

Gill, congratulations on the new column!!! You are going to do great with it!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Loved your column Gill. Great job, looking forward to your next instalment.

Karine said...

My B-Day is February 19th :o)

Karine said...

Is yours coming up pretty soon too?

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
You made a great start to the column - just the right length with just the right amount of information. Left the readers wanting more. Look forward to the next one, don't forget to post the link
Tke care

Rob-bear said...

Delightful friendly, folksy column, Gil. You establish your credibility right up front with your openness. I hope you have lots of fun writing! You seem like quite a natural and capable writer.