Sunday, January 31, 2010

I was not a happy Camper......and other stuff!

On Saturday we went down to Mississauga to do some shopping.  Where we were going we had to sort of go past our old house.  As dh had not seen it since we had moved we decided to go round that way.  BIG, BIG MISTAKE!  As you can see by the photo below I tried to keep the outside of the house tidy.  We paid a lot of money to have the curbs and the footpath installed.  We put in a sprinkler system in the lawn and planted a lot of plants and trees etc.  When we went past on Saturday, there was a car parked across the front lawn.  What the heck?????  Dh will confirm this I was lost for words, then I was so bloody angry that they would do that.  Goodness knows what happened to the tree, as the car was parked over that piece of garden???

As dh said its not our house anymore, but even so why would someone do that???

Anyhow, we carried on our merry way, me complaining for a while about what jerks we sold the house to.  Dh took me out for lunch and that shut me up for a while.  However why is it that when you go to a place that is a help yourself buffet, you have to stuff yourself senseless and then waddle out of the place with a rotten stinking bad stomach, and every place you visit after that you have to use the bathroom?  Or is that just me!!!

The reason we went to this particlar shopping mall is that they have a store called Solutions and they sell storage equipment, and closet organizers.  So we wanted to price out a closet organizer for our new closet.  They plan it all out for you and sell  you everything you need.  We have used these people before and the quality is awesome; plus at the moment until February 14th there is a sale on closet organizers.  To fit our closet out is going to cost close to $500, but it will be well worth it and it will take advantage of all the space.  So dh just has to double check the measurements and then we will order that next month.  Dh put another coat of mud on the closet on Saturday morning, we should be at the sanding stage by the beginning of next week I hope.

While we were in the store I noticed a line of items called Piggy Wiggy, and picked a couple of these mini whisk's.  One for me and one for dd......yes dd this is the surprise gift I got you!!  Piggly Wiggly is also a chain of grocery stores in the States, funny name for a grocery store isn't it!!
We went to Homesense and I picked up a new teapot as dh broke the lid on ours.  I thought it was quite cute and for $12.99 pretty cheap as well!

I also picked up this metal piece that I am going to put on the house wall outside.  It was on clearance for $11.00.
Went to Roots and picked up a couple of things that included this hat. The proceeds from the sale of this hat was donated to the "Right To Play" organization.
On the way home we called into Fortino's close to where we used to live and met up with Rupa our next door neighbour from the old house.  She has just come back from India and Cambodia, and she brought me back this silk scarf from Cambodia.  It is beautiful and so soft. 
I have to say we had a good day out other than the time we went past our old house.  I got new running shoes, or should I say trainers, as hell will freeze over before I run anywhere...LOL  My old ones were dropping to bits, and dh got new work boots, as he says his are letting in water..........

Now today is the last day of the month, did you remember to put your money in your pot for the Daily Savings Club?  How much did you end up saving?  Are you going to keep it in there for another month and carry on doing this?  I managed to save $41 this month, so am pleased with that.

Today's Money Saving Tip:

Install a programmable thermostat. These devices regulate the temperature in your house automatically according to the schedule that you set. Thus, when you’re not home, it allows the heating or cooling to turn off for several hours, saving you on your energy bill. A programmable thermostat can easily cut your energy bill by 10 to 20%.


chksnowqueen said...

That's a shame about your old house Gill, especially since you took such pride in it and put a great deal of effort to keep it nice.

Our old house has been resold since we moved, and from the real estate listing pictures, I could see that they took up the lovely thick carpetting that was there that was one of the things that I missed from that house - so soft and cushy on the feet - and put in wood laminate flooring that looks so cold. I couldn't believe it. But like your husband says, once you sell it, it isn't yours anymore, and the new owners can do what they like. Even if you don't agree with it. Everyone's taste is different.

Yes, I've been growing our money pot; $31.63's worth.

Lovely teapot and shawl.


Tracey said...

I once bought a pair of trainers....I only wore them once and they gave me blisters. (and I only walked....slowly) They are now chucked in the bottom of the cupboard! I also made the mistake of visiting our old house once...pissed me off too!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the hat - and now I've seen the Roots website I am sure that sooner or later we will be placing an order!!! (the website says you don't have to come to Canada to buy from them - to be honest I would much rather make the trip but I guess I'll just have to make do with an online order for the time being!!)

that british woman s brother said...

to paraphrase your good self pictures, pictures, pictures !!!
how do we know your old house has turned to rack and ruin - before and after pictures as you tell me!!
top money saving tip - if dh has broke lid super glue back together thus saving money by not having to buy new one - not remember when the kids were younger - superglue is a parents best friend!!
nice hat

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Sorry about your "old house." I also am right there with about still being "attached" to it. I sometimes go past our "old house" too. It's on a main road through the subdivision,so it's easy enough to do. One day the front door was open and I turned around and drove past again and stopped and took a peek inside...I had the same reaction of "???!!!!" that you did!

Glad you enjoyed your day of shopping--I love the scarf!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Unknown said...

Hey there Gill
...its me again!
Sorry about the makeover to your old house - I think beauty must be in the eye of the key holder! :) for your sorry stomach...another reason for having reading material in the loo!

Winifred said...

That is a shame about the house. Sometimes it's best not to go back.

My trainers last years. I only wear them to go to the gym, so.....

I thought all heating systems would have a timeswitch to programme the heat and times installed. Ours is 25 years old and had one. We had a new condensing combi boiler installed last year so now it only heats water as we use it not a huge tankful. They also put thermostats on the radiators so you can control the heat in each room.

Another benefit was it released a nice big cupboard where the tank used to be. More space for stuff!

Karine said...

I'm so sorry about what those people did to your old house...we have always been fortunate in that whenever we sold one our houses, they were always very well taken care of.

As for your shopping spree, I adore the teapot and the scarf!!!

The Witch said...

I know how heart breaking it can be when you sell a house and they turn it into a hillbilly eye sore.
We lived in our 1st home for over 25 years and we planted lots of trees and landscaped the place beautifully.(pond included)
The inside was completely redone over time because we were young and had lots of energy to do all the work ourselves.
Hubby is very handy with woodworking,electrical and plumbing.
I'm the heating expert so working together the house had the best of the best.
The first thing the new homeowners do is chop down all the trees in the front to make room for them to park their huge commercial fishing boat in a residential area.
The driveway is full of old cars and the backyard I can only imagine.
I was so proud of this house that I cried for month's when we sold it.
We have since built our dream home on 12 acres,( a blog in itself one day) but I still miss my first home because of the memories.

Scrappy quilter said...

Gill it's things like this that you just have to let go. They bought the house, it's really their right to do what they wish with it. Sorry to say that, however it's true.

Love the things you bought. Thought there might be a book in there too. Hugs

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

I really like your new teapot, Gill! It's so pretty. Do you heat the water directly in it, or do you have to heat it in something else and then transfer into the teapot to keep it hot?

Canadian Saver said...

I've lived in the same house all my life (other than leaving for college and a couple other times for about 6 months) and I can't imagine what it's like to sell to someone else. I'd be quite hurt if the house I loved wasn't treated well by the new owners....

I love the stuff you bought, especially the teapot!