Thursday, April 11, 2019

Easter and scrappy fabric makes..........

I am part of a group on Facebook called Scrappy Girls Club  The members post some neat things on there and occasionally I make some things.  As the name indicates things normally just use scraps of material and for anyone that sews we have plenty of them.

A lady posted about making mini fabric Easter baskets.  The link for the instructions are here.  Now despite them being super cute they are very fiddly to make.  I used some scraps of material I had left over from Paige's quilt, with some scrap pieces of green.  The rabbit print is a multi directional print, but would you believe every rabbit is upside down on the baskets....LOL

 This is what I put into the baskets.  Stickers, a plastic egg filled with candy.  Everything bought from the dollar store.  The grandchildren are getting a toy also, as I figured they get enough candy from the "Easter Bunny!!"
 It's a perfect size for the one egg.  It's also a perfect size for a Kinder Egg or a Cadbury's Cream Egg.
 I had half a dozen plastic eggs leftover, so I covered them with scraps of the Easter fabric using white glue.  Went to the park and cut some twigs and bought the yellow eggs at the dollar store for my "Easter Tree."  I am having to make a bit of an effort this year for Easter as I am hosting a lunch over Easter😏

Now I have to say the other project I am featuring is one of the best and useful things I have made in a long time.  It's a Wonder Clip Cushion and the instructions for making it are here.  This indeed does use just scraps of material.  I am also finding my hands are getting stiffer and more arthritic as I am getting older.  So this makes it so much easier to pick up the wonder clips.

 I use a lot of Wonder Clips especially when I am sewing with cork as you can't pin cork as it will make holes in it.
Have you come across any neat projects that use scraps of material recently?  Are you a member of the Scrappy Girls Club?


Joy said...

Love the bags. I've made similar and yes, they are fiddly. Bigger ones are much easier! How funny about the upside down rabbits though.

angela said...

I love your twig tree. I’ve been wondering how to make one and make it stand. I think I’ll have to pinch your idea
You have been a busy girl

Winifred said...

What great things you've made. Love your Easter tree.

All I've made this year are some knitted pom pom hats for Cadbury's cream eggs. I did them in local football team's colours. Just take a few minutes to knit.

The pattern is here

T'Pol said...

The baskets are really cute! I am sure the grands will love them. The pillow looks difficult to make. Is it?

Maggie said...

Those little baskets are so cute! Great idea for an Easter tree too. I'm hosting an afternoon tea on Easter Sunday for my lot, why do we volunteer for these things 🤣

Jenn Jilks said...

What a coincidence, I just posted about a banner I made with scraps!
(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

patriciaann said...

Cute baskets and I love your Easter tree. Took a look at the Facebook page Scrappy Girls Club, lots of good ideas.


William Kendall said...

Quite creative!

Jackie said...

Cute baskets!! No Grandchildren here, but those make me wonder if I could make some for the great-nieces and great nephews.

May just follow your lead and cover some plastic eggs with fabric and make an Easter tree this year.

God bless.

Rose said...

No, not a member of the Scrappy Girls club but I might look it up. Sounds interesting. I have some plans for some scraps, but just haven't gotten to it yet.