Saturday, April 6, 2019

Oh yes I did.............

I went to the garage the other day to get my winter tires removed from the car and my warmer weather tires put on.  Now granted despite the calendar saying it is Spring, the weather has not been the best.  However I am thumbing my nose at Mother Nature and saying I have had enough of Winter, I am ready for the better weather.

I go to the garage where I bought the car from and along with getting my tires changed, I needed my oil changed, new wiper blades and and a general once over with the car.  So I knew I would be there at least 90 minutes.

The truck below is dh's dream truck...........
 It's a Lincoln Ford garage and I saw this Lincoln brand car and thought it looked good.
 They have the best waiting area.  Multiple beverage choices and lots of treats to choose from.
 There is even a business area, where I settled down with the newspaper and a coffee.  I then sat and read a good book for the rest of the time there.
Will say it was a $400 visit to the garage, but everything they did was something that needed done to keep my car running in tip-top shape.  As I know nothing about cars, it's something I am willing to spend money on.


Jackie said...

Yep, totally agree with you. I always take our vehicle back to the dealers. They have all the parts if they need them right there. Keeping your vehicle in tip top shape is just a frugal and thrifty plan.

God bless.

William Kendall said...

It looks like they keep things in good order there.

50 and counting said...

I love my Ford dealership.

Unfortunately, the spousal unit used to prefer the dealership closer to home. He managed to buy an F150 at his dealership that was a total mistake and nearly caused a divorce. It was too big, for our garage, to park comfortably in parking lots, take downtown. He wound up constantly stealing my Escape to run around in.

Long story short, he traded it in recently for the last of the Focus sedans. Had it 5 years, less than 40,000 km on it and got $18K for it in trade in.

Keep it a dream for your husband.

Northern Living Allowance said...

I'm with you, Gill! Take care of your car and to the place where it'll be best taken care of. I take my car to the people who can care for them. I don't have a dealership, but have an excellent garage 5 mins from the office I take it to. Have a dilemma with the new one - do I take it there (they've gone above and beyond in the past with my old car), or the new one where I got my new(er) car? I don't have a history there, other than the dealers I bought from use it as it's literally right next door to them. I have until my MOT in September to think. xx

Rose said...

I miss Roger taking care of those things...I always knew it was done right when he did it.