Friday, September 2, 2011

House and cottage of the week, plus other stuff..

This week's house is only 12 million dollars!!!  I personally have mixed feelings about it.  I actually like the back yard area, not sure where I would put my washing line though!!!  I would have liked to see a full photo of the house from the front wouldn't you?  If I was given it I wouldn't say no, mind you I couldn't afford to pay the property taxes as they are over $41,000 a year.

I guess after that house the cottage of the week is a steal at only $1,285,000.00 then?  I actually like this one, love the look of it outside and even inside isn't too bad.  I see it's electric heat and that master bedroom would be a *itch to try and keep warm in winter.  There are a lot of neighbours, and when the leaves drop they would be more noticeable.  Still if you were giving it to me, I wouldn't say no to it.

I saw my little friend the other morning eating apples:

It does look as though it has grown and it's coat looks a lot thicker.  It was the first time I had seen it in a week or two.  As soon as it saw me on the deck it ran away which was good.  Mind you I was quite a distance away from it.

I have since cut the grass so it looks more like a bowling green again, with lots of nice lines, going left to right in the photo!!!  You all know how I love to see those straight cut lines in my grass!!!

Went to the hairdressers on Thursday afternoon to have a wash, cut and blow dry.  Hate having my hair washed as it kills my back.  The cut was alright, and when she blowdryed my hair dh said I looked as though I had a wig on and you know what he was right!! 

I trust her with cutting my hair but the whole styling thing wasn't for me.  However I need to try out some styles for the wedding.  I'll go back the second week of October and see how she does then.  I'll decide at that point whether or not I'll do my hair on the day of the wedding, or will go to the hairdressers.

Do you enjoy going to the hairdressers?


Unknown said...

Hi - thanks for dropping by my blog - I don't go to the hair dressers. the cheapest cut colour and style around here is £75. foster mummy, another blogger, cuts my hair and I colour it with pack for a fiver. I lived opposite a hair dressers once and they were good, i liked it then as I had short hair and I needed trims, now it's long - i love getting friend to cut it and paying in jam and chutney

Jane and Chris said...

I have really short hair (not able to style hair)so it's a trim every four-five weeks. It costs $22 (inc tip). I keep my hair natural colour so no paying for nasty chemicals on my hair.
Jane x

Piece by Piece said...

Both of those properties look great, however, not for me.
My hair is as straight as a yard of pump water, so get a perm which lasts about 3 months with a cut at 6 weeks. I like having my hair done, when my hair looks good I feel good. I don't colour my hair. It's not cheap but I look at it this way, I don't smoke, only have a social drink so this is my treat, so to speak.
I don't have much luck with the "girls" that do my hair though by the time I have one trained to do my hair the way I like it, she either quits hairdressing, moves or whatever then I have to find another.
Hope you are having a great day.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Hi, Gill! Nice houses, a little too rich for my blood though! Your coyote is very scary, glad he ran away from you. Now, about the hairdresser -- I hate going. My hair has never been great and it is getting worse as I age and I have been going to this little woman about my daughter's age and I am never happy. So, I have more or less quit going and my hair is just getting longer and more weird by the day -- I am going to have to go someplace but I dislike the whole process so much I think I will just either cut it myself or let it grow to my knees and tie it up.

Rose said...

I so love that back yard of that first you, I couldn't afford the taxes...let alone all the other bills that come with a place like that...wonder what homeowner's insurance would be???

I do like going to get my hair done...especially if I have to wait. And I love getting my hair washed....feels so good on my neck to lay back in their sinks. However, I am the only person I know that enjoys going.

DeniseinVA said...

No, I don't like getting my hair cut, always fending off hair stylists who think I should color my hair because I'm starting to get a little grey - just have a little bit now - the thought of putting chemicals on my head is enough for me to go for the natural look. The houses are always interesting and love the photo of your coyote.