Sunday, September 18, 2011

Water Softener Salt and other things........

The kids came up on Saturday, so I popped into town to TSC to get some bags of salt for the water softener.  We like to get the 40kg bags, but cannot carry them down the basement.   So having the kids come up is a bonus.

I got six bags and it came to well over $70.  TSC is the cheapest place around to buy it, and I commented on how the price had risen.  The manager told me that we can expect a larger price increase on the salt, as back in August a tornado hit both salt plants in Goderich.  She didn't say there would be a shortage of salt, just an increase in price.  I am hoping we have enough salt now to last us until next February, then I'll have to make sure I invite the kids up so they'll move it down the basement.

Do you know of anything that has decreased in price?  As everything seems to be increasing in price.

Summer is over around here.  It was a nippy 2 oC when I got up on Saturday morning.  I did manage to warm up a bit by the afternoon and I did manage to get all my laundry dried on the line.  We haven't got our heating on yet, but did put dh's blanket on his side of the bed on Friday when I changed the bed.  I saw and smelled smelled smoke coming out of chimney's, so people are starting their fires.  Ours is laid ready to go, but so far we have held off from lighting it

Last year we didn't have the fire on until October 14th, as per this post and we didn't turn the heating on until October 21st, as per this post.  My goal this year is to keep the heating off until the beginning of October, and not have the fire on until around the same time.

Have you turned your heating on yet, or have had your first fire in your fireplace yet?


littlegreengardengal said...

I always try to not turn on any heat until the end of October. I know I didn't make it that long last year. And this year, well I had the heat on for several hours this morning. It was just so cold! I think this is the earliest I have ever used heat.

Kaisievic said...

What is water softener salt?

Yes, I remember Ken Barlow and the character Ena Sharples.
Hope that you had a great weekend.
hUgs , kaye xoxox

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Gasoline was a little cheaper, yesterday, at one of the stations on the north side of town. However, I don't see anything getting cheaper.

chksnowqueen said...

We are lucky and have two gas fireplaces in our home. With the near freezing temperatures at night this week, we have turned the one on the main floor on mid-week. It throws enough heat to carry up to the bedrooms to take the chill off. It is so convenient to have heat at the flick of a switch. Like you, we try to hold off on turning on the furnace though.


Piece by Piece said...

It has been nippy in S.W Ontario too these past few mornings. A couple of years ago we had our whole house re-insulated, took advantage of fed and prov govmt grants. This made a big difference, keeping the heat in during the Winter and out in the Summer. My house faces south, if the sun is shining, quite a bit of heat comes through the windows and storm door during the day and it stays cozy enough during the night, especially at this time of the year.
Hoping I don't have to turn the furnace on too early this year.
Gasoline did decrease in price yesterday!!!

Karine said...

It has been quite cool in Montreal too! I'm in an apartment building, so when the heat goes on is not up to me...and my fireplace is a fake one ;o)

Kim said...

Heat is not on yet - but have had to close the windows lately to keep the cool out. Getting into the cold bed last night has me thinking about switching to the flannel soon - but it seems TOO soon!

Jackie McGuinness said...

Haven't turned on the heat yet, but have put on a sweater a few times this week.

What a great week for Corrie watching!!!

Rose said...

We had ours on just a bit one day...and believe it or not was Roger who turned it on.

I suppose if I had a place to build a fire, I would have one any time it got at all cool just because I love having a fire.