Friday, September 9, 2011

Home and Cottage of the week, and a Book Review

This weeks home of the week is a condo for just under $2 million.  Please make sure you look out for the comment on photo #8, I found that very funny!!! Photo #2 is the lobby downstairs, it took me a minute to click what that was.  If you want to live right down town Toronto this is the place for you.  It's not my cup of tea, plus with monthly maintenance charges of over $1,500 on top of your mortgage and other bills, it's a bit actually a lot too rich for my taste. 

The cottage of the week is gorgeous, but pricy at $4 million.  I love how it is all decorated; but it is so neat and tidy it looks as though its never been lived in.  I wonder why there is so many photos of the outside and none of the actual cottages?  The property taxes are over $20,000 a year.  Mind you I think if I could afford a $4 million dollar cottage I could probably afford the property taxes to go with it?

"To Have and To Hold," by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller

When Audrey Cunningham moved with her father to his ancestral home on Bridal Veil Island, Georgia, she hoped the beauty and remoteness of the place would keep him sober and close to God. But now wealthy investors are buying up land to build a grand resort on the secluded island--and they want the Cunninghams' property.

Contractor Marshall Graham can't imagine why Boyd Cunningham would ask him to look after Audrey. Marshall has no desire to be saddled with caring for the fiery young woman who seems to think the worst of him. But when someone appears to be sabotaging the construction work at the resort and Audrey's life is endangered, Marshall realizes she holds more of his heart than he thought and he'll do anything to keep her safe.

Amid a time of growth and change for Bridal Veil, can Marshall and Audrey find a foundation on which to build a love to last forever?

This was an okay book,  however, there was something missing from this book, as it didn't grab me and hold my attention.  The "whodunit" part was interesting and I never did figure it all out before hand.

The main characters were okay but if I had to pick a favourite it wasn't the heroine, it was Aunt Thora, who was a fiesty old thing, and make me chuckle a couple of times.

At the end of the book is the author's note which I found interesting as it talks about how they came to write this book.  Although Bridal Veil Island is fictional, there are references to Jekyll Island which is real.

Of the three books I reviewed this month, this one was my least favourite.

Stars out of 5: 3, don't regret reading it, but it was a bit blah for me.  Did enjoy the description of the island though.

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Jane and Chris said...

The condo would make great 'yuppie' prison!
Jane x

Boyett-Brinkley said...

condos aren't my "thing" but I could get real comfy in the cottage.