Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All about music today..

I was talking to dd on Monday and she was going to see the D.J. on Monday evening to finalize all the details for the wedding. We were talking about different types of music that should or shouldn't be played at the wedding.  It helped that dd and future son-in-law were at a wedding this past weekend, so they saw first hand what sort of music worked.

One that didn't were the "mega-mixes," which comprise of lots of different songs from one artist/group put together on one long track.  They are annoying and so long that you get bored with it before it ends.   She said that people seem to enjoy the modern country songs, and of course the usual groups like Abba, Queen etc.

I personally like the older songs from the 50's and 60's as they tend to have catchy tunes that you can dance too.  Do you have any favourite type of music you like to dance too?

While I was cleaning up on Monday I had some music on.  I actually went and bought a cd the other week.   21 by Adele  My favourite song from that cd is this one:

I was also listening to the Proclaimers. They are a Scottish duo and the funny thing is while I am singing along to their songs, I can sing with a Scottish accent.............in real life I DO NOT sound at all Scottish, I have a true English accent, despite what certain people say, and they know who they are!!

Have to say I also like Benny and Joon which was featured in video above, Johnny Depp is very easy on the eyes!!


~Carla~ said...

Love 50's music! It's definitely my favourite!! Then I love country & the others you mentioned, ABBA, etc...Benny & Joon is one of my favourite movies... I bet I've seen it 10x at least! lol! Oh, I hate those stupid "mega-mixes", they are very annoying!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

When my daughter was doing her playlist for her reception, she told the DJ who was a friend, that she wanted it to be like a NYC cocktail party -- lots of Sinatra and sort of bluesy, jazzy sort of stuff -- she had final say over the choices and she threw in some rock and, of course, some country-- a little boot scooting boogie and a little macarena -- opps, no, she banned the macarena -- forgot -- but it all turned out nice and fit the venue quite well. My reception was at church, we had cake and punch and no music -- and no big bill either!

Jane and Chris said...

Hehehe! I sing to the Proclaimers with a Scottish accent too!
I like music but, heavy metal,rap,rap type stuff, and country and western are banned in this house! Chris laughs because I can dance to anything, even disco moves to Mozart!
Jane x
The DJ for our reception and the evening party was a family friend. He had known me since I was born, and he knew exactly what to play.Sadly, he's no longer with us.

jabblog said...

I hope d.d and fiance are agreed on music - got to get it right for the all-important first dance as a married couple!
The last time I danced was on New Year's Eve which played up my back causing me to stumble around like a drunken sailor for a few months. High heels OR dancing for me in future - not both;-)

Rose said...

My daugher had me listen to Rolling in the Deep a while back...at first I didn't like it but before the song was over I did...and I loved her voice.

Evelyn said...

love catchy country music and the oldies, not too keen on blues, jazz, hard rock,rap, most people are easily bored if the music is too soft, needs a catchy tune as most are talking and catching up and don't hear the words anyhow.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Thanks for the comment about the book reviewing -- I will take his advice and search around -- I think reviewing books would be great fun!