Saturday, September 17, 2011

Coronation Street and a couple of good deals..........

Did you watch Coronation Street this week, it was so good wasn't it?  Very well done and quite believable.  Had me in tears at times.......

My good deals this week were these Stouffers Express Meals on clearance for $1 a packet, should have been around $5 each.  I can't make the meals for that.  Zehrs also had PC family sized Lasagna  on for $5.99 so picked up a couple of those for the freezer.
I also got this McCain Cake for free; it was what I won at Canadian Tire with the scratch and save ticket.  Better than nothing.

A while back there was a deal at Sobeys, that when you bought $20 worth of product you got a $20 Sobey's gift card back.  I remember due to pricing I had to buy around $25 worth of stuff but it was worth while.  I got the gift card this week, and so I got 4 blocks of Kraft Cracker Barrel cheese 500 grams each and a 4 litre bag of milk and paid only $4.35 for all, so that was good.

Pleased to say our chest freezer in the basement it stocked to the top, which is always a good feeling.  I now need to do some menu planning and sort everything out.

How is your food supply?  Do you need to stock up on anything?


Kaisievic said...

Is Coronation Street still running? They don't show it on Australian TV anymore then, although I remember my mother watching it when I was a child - in black and white. lol!

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Morning Gill! I wrote to BBC America complaining about the programming, i.e. no Coronation Street or EastEnders. I told them I was tired of so much Gordon Ramsey and Top Gear and you know what -- they wrote me back!!! Quite nice, they were, now let's see what happens.

When our extra fridge went out a month ago we replaced with a small freezer and I am working on filling it up. I am planning on doing some cooking and freezing plus taking advantage of the vegetables that are beginning to look better after all the heat. I did a lot of blanching/freezing when my kids were little and I had a huge freezer but sort of got away from that when they were teenager and everybody got so busy. The squash looked good the other day and, since I am the only one that likes squash, I can do it up in small portions and put it away for ME!

The Witch said...

I haven't watch Coronation Street in years but I know a lot of people who do so I'll shall get all the scoop on Monday.
We also got the free McCain's cake from Can trash as I call the store.
I bought the no stick fry pan for $18.89 with the glass lid and some micro cloths for $4.99 Great deals.
Freezer is stocked nicely one last trip to the Farmers market for meat and I should be set also for meal planning glory.

~Carla~ said...

Great deals! My hubby likes those stouffers meals, he says they're pretty good. As for stocking up, I don't think we need anything right now except I need more organic meat! That's about it for now I think!

Scrappy quilter said...

Don't feel bad, I deleted it. We don't have tv although I never watched Coronation street even when we did. My stockpile isn't quite where I want it yet, although I'm getting close. Hugs

chksnowqueen said...

I love, love, LOVED Corrie this week. So much action! So much drama! Even though I knew part of what was coming (I peeked ahead too) it was still riveting.

Went to Cdn Tire and bought the little pot you recommended and some glass storage containers with lids that were on sale. The McCain cake was also my "prize".

Purchased a large package of ground beef today to make up a big pot of meat sauce with that will be mostly packed up for the freezer.

I must say that I am enjoying the cooler weather. It makes me want to cook and bake!

Take care,

theconstantwalker said...

I have just stummbled across your wonderful blog and have had a lovely browse around it.
I live in Cheshire so I hope you may enjoy some of my posts..

Kim said...

My son loves the Mac & Cheese flavour of those pastas - but I only buy them if on sale for $2.99 or less.

We stocked up on a few good deals at Walmart yesterday - the 500G blocks of cheese, Cracker Barrel I think, for $3.97, 1L choco milk for the kid for $1, pasta and sauce $1 each, cookies and crackers $1.50. Kid has snacks galore which is good since he started eating 24/7!

Also bought some McCain frozen pizzas for $3.87 - good for nights I don't feel like cooking and cheaper then delivery. Hubs doesn't like them but J & I eat it for dinner with leftovers for his lunch the next day - not bad for $4.