Friday, September 23, 2011

Home of the week and other things

Well this weeks home of the week is a on sale for a cool $1 million!!  When I first saw it I thought perfect, then I realized it's a semi and you're only getting half of the house, not so perfect.  I still think its a gorgeous looking house from the outside though.  However totally disappointed with the inside, the space is not well laid out to my mind.  Some rooms seem huge, while others much too small.  It won't take you long to cut the grass.....oh wait there is not grass to cut!!!

You're paying for the location here, as it's across the road from the lake.  However as someone commented it's a busy road, so you have to contend with traffic noise as well.  Overall love the look of it outside, not too keen on it inside, especially the wall paper in the powder room, huge pattern for a small area!!

What's your thoughts?

I spent part of yesterday in the garden and have more or less cleaned out the veggie patch of weeds.  Another hour of weeding and it should be ready to rototiller and put too bed for winter, mind you I have to dig up the veggies first.

I have been quiet about the tractor this year, haven't I?  Well thought it was too good to be true, I went and broke the bloody thing yesterday.  I broke a bolt off the bottom, so can't cut the grass now until dh takes it all apart and attaches another bolt.  I can still use it to pull the trailer around, just not for cutting grass {SIGH}

You know I think it dropped off as I cleaned underneath the cutter with the hosepipe, which is very unusual for me, and I think it shocked my poor old tractor and the bolt dropped off?

A very important message to my neighbours:

You know I like all of you, but could you do me a little favour and stop dropping off your laundry at our house for me to do.  I did another couple of loads on Thursday and even my iron is protesting on how much ironing it has had to do recently.




Boyett-Brinkley said...

LOL! I think we have the same neighbors! Sorry about your tractor -- isn't that always the way -- we had to refrigerators go out just weeks apart -- frustrating! Have a wonderful weekend!

Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous house! Why are your neighbours dropping off washing for you to do or are you being facetious?

Thanks for telling me about the water softener salt - it all made sense when you explained it.
hugs , Kaye xoxox

Jane and Chris said...

I thought MY bathroom was ugly!!
As to the laundry, you forgot to mention that you drove it over here and dumped it.
Jane x

MyBulletinBoard said...

We had a prenup agreement. I'd take care of the interior and writing letters, and he would take care of the outside. I just don't do tractors. Maybe you need to renegotiate, LOL! ~Liz

Rose said...

haha--the message to the neighbors applies for me also. We have way too much for just two people and the occasional overnight visits of amily.

If you had not told me that the house was a semi, I would have thought the place attractive from the outside...and guess I still do.

But boy, oh, boy--the inside just feels weird to me. And did you notice the could hardly see the medicine cabinet the way they took that shot.

I just did not care for the inside at all, either.