Thursday, June 16, 2011

Still struggling with leaving comments via Blogger

Karine, you are one of those that I cannot leave a comment no matter how I try.  There isn't even an anonymous option on yours.  It's beginning to become more than frustrating to say the least!!!

Had a question for you all.  When you cut your grass do you always cut it in the same direction every time, or do you vary it?

I personally try and cut it in different directions as I read somewhere that it makes the grass grow in better.  Not that mine needs any bloody encouragement, it's still on steroids the way its growing.

Had to spray myself from head to foot with bug repellent on Wednesday night as they were out in force.  Must admit it did do the trick as they left me alone.

Got nearly 310 hours on the clock on the tractor since we got it in May of 2009.  Will say all that time has not been spent cutting grass with it, I use it with the trailer for hauling stuff around the property.

That reminds me, on Tuesday at work I sent out nearly 250 marketing emails.  Now granted I just kept forwarding the original email on, I did have to make changes in the body of the email to personalize it though.  I was fed up to the back teeth of the computer by the time I had finished, plus my poor bum was numb with sitting there all day.  So being on the computer was the last thing I wanted to do when I got home.

We are now sending invoices via email to customers now, partly due to the postal strike that we have on at the moment.  We have also set up online accounts to view bills.  I think the Canada Post employees have not done themselves any favours this time with going on strike, as people are finding other options to get mail to one another.  I know we will be saving a ton of time and money at work not having to send invoices out.


Valerie said...

I picked up a tip that would allow me to comment. All I had to do was click off the 'stay signed on' button on the Google account. It's a nuisance having to type the ID everytime I sign on but it's worth it to be able to comment.

landcuckoo said...

Have done all I can to get the comments thing sorted, seems to be ok for me to leave comments for others at present.

With regards to cutting the grass, I just get it cut, don't even notice which way I am going! Mind you we don't have too much and it is not at all even and lovely looking like my neighbours!

Take care, hope you have recovered from your marathon computering day
Sarah x

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Blogger can be a pill sometimes but with that said, my daughter's wordpress account has gone dysfunctional as well. Maybe it is the weather! Doesn't sound like it matter which way you cut your lawn, it is flourishing so just keep doing whatever it is you are doing! As far as the post office goes, yeah, ours is just about belly up as well and they just keep making it worse. You would think that they would realize that they are going to put themselves out of business!

Jane and Chris said...

The tractor was out of action for a should see the lenght of the grass* I now have to cut!
Jane x
* Not really grass, but all sorts of weeds, at least they are green.

Karine said...

Hi Gill,

I'm sorry you're having trouble commenting on my blog, I really can't see why you would as I haven't changed a thing on it since I created it in 2008?

As for cutting the grass, I always used to cut it the same way as it was easier for me.

Stella Jones said...

I don't know what's going on with the commenting problem. Google knows about it so I suppose they will solve it eventually. I haven't had the problem (yet) so why is that?
What do you use as bug repellant? I am terribly allergic to mosquito bites and am always anxious to hear of things that work for other people. I use Jungle Formula, which works quite well, but I nearly always get bitten at least once and I always end up in the doctor's office for antibiotics when I do! I also end up with a scar, which lasts about two years. I hate the damn things! the mosquitos I mean.
Can't help you with the grass. We have so little here, we could cut it with the scissors. As soon as the boys grew up, I dug up the grass and planted flowers instead!

DeniseinVA said...

Too bad about the blogger. I've had my problems but not lately, and I'm touching a piece of wood as I say this.

Rose said...

I have had a few problems commenting, but I am keeping my fingers crossed cause I have had some...

Evelyn said...

my problem with commenting is having email follow up to replies.
Yes CP is cutting its own throat unfortunately
I don't cut grass anymore thankfully, have two teen boys

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