Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A funny......

I got this in an email and thought it was funny:

Riding Lawn Mower - FOR SALE !!! 
My Wife always wanted a riding lawn mower.

She works all day and was always tired when she came home from work
and thought that a riding lawn mower would help her get the yard work done quicker
so she would have more time for the chores inside the house.

SO, being the handy sort of guy that I am, I made her a riding lawn mower.
I guess I thought she would squeal with delight or something and give me a big hug.

To this day I have never been able to understand

why some women are so hard to please

P.S. I can see out of my left eye pretty good now and should be able to leave the hospital some time next week!


Valerie said...

It was funny. Men, huh!

Jane and Chris said...

Jane x

Iris said...

Put the pedal to the metal!

Shammickite said...

Hahaha that reminds me of when my husband gave me a hand held vacuum cleaner so I could vacuum his boat!!!!

Karine said...

That is funny! You,re in the hospital though? Did Imiss something? I hope there is nothing serious going on!

Janet said...

Sort of thing my husband would invent !! hope you are ok,didn`t realize you were having eye problems- just catching up with the blogs I read-get better soon x