Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy night at The Acreage - bit of a funny story coming up!!

What next you ask!!!  So on Sunday night we go to bed.........don't worry its not an x-rated tale!!!  Just as we're falling asleep, Molly starts to growl and bark; frightening the living daylights out of us.  Anyway we settle her down and have no idea what was wrong as we couldn't hear anything.

Dh gets up at 12.45am to go to the bathroom, and Molly bounds out of her bed all ready to go.  So I figure she must want out for a pee.  She goes downstairs and stops half way down and is really interested in something on the stairs.  She is poking at it and shaking her head.  I peek over the stairs to see what she was doing and it was a BAT on the stairs.

So now not only is Molly bounding about because of the bat, so am I, as I am not happy about a bat being in the house.  Now dh isn't keen on removing wildlife from the house, so I generally do it.  However, he knew by the tone of my voice I wasn't happy.  So he went and got a dust pan and brush and opened the front down and got it on the dust pan and threw it outside, where it flew away.  It took me ages to get back to sleep.

Now I have a couple of nagging questions.  Like where did it come from?  Why was it lying on the stairs?  Are there any more in the house? 

Then when I got up I discovered two more mice in the traps.......like what the heck...where on earth are they coming from this time?  When I went to throw out the ashes the wind blew back towards me, and I got covered in ashes {{{SIGH}}}

Keeping with the wildlife theme, someone sent me this last week:

Just discovered that Molly like carrots, is that a normal thing for dogs???

Had allergy testing done on Monday and it turns out I am not allergic to the normal things, which is good.  However the doctor has no idea what I could be allergic too and suggested I talk to the local agricultural society to see what is in bloom at the end of June through July, as he thinks it is a crop of some sort that's causing my allergies.

For those of you who live in Canada here is a tip to get more Shopper's Drug Mart points.  Whenever you go to shop at Shopper's Drug Mart, figure out what you have spent.  Then buy a Shopper's Drug Mart gift card.  When doing that, give them your Shopper's Drug Mart card, as you get points for buying the gift card.  Then, buy your items and use the gift card to pay for the items, and again hand in your card, as you will get points again.  For example, you buy a $25 gift card, so you get 250 points for that.  You buy $25 worth of stuff (before taxes) and pay for it with your gift card, and again you will get another 250 points for that.  So all in all you got 500 points for buying $25 worth of stuff.

In Ontario Shopper's Drug Mart is one of the cheapest places to buy 4 litre bags of milk.  Eggs are on sale regularly there, as low as $1.29 per dozen.  Their cheese is one of the best out there and there is a coupon for Armstrong Cheese, see here.  In general Shopper's Drug Mart prices can be more expensive, but if you buy the specials and use coupons, you can get good deals there.  Plus you get the points which you can redeem.  I will try and remember to let you know when there are good deals on at Shopper's so you too can take advantage of it.


Tracey said...

OMG! 2 of the worse things in the world....bats & mice. How on earth do you cope? xxx

Lindsay said...

In my experience having owned a number of dogs they all liked raw carrots! As for bats - urghh - we had them living in the roof space of our previous house and they are a protected species. When we sold the house the new owners were delighted as the husband is a well known BBC wildlife producer (he helped in the production of Planet Earth amongst others).

Toria said...

No suggestions about how they get in, but I do know that if they land on the ground, they can't fly away. They need a bit of height to start flying.

BadPenny said...

Oh this is so funny !

We were up in the night letting the very chilly cats in - first frost Yippee ! I'd far rather have that than relentless gales.

We had a teeny bat in our bedroom lampshade & two magpies stuck down our chimney - never a dull moment.

We have field mice but the only house mice are Two hungry Teens !

Kadeeae said...

Morning (here!) Gill

Our dog loves vegetables of all kinds - carrots,green beans,peas,courgette,parsnips,broad beans,potatoes,and even brussels sprouts! Ewww, lol.

Did I read right?? Milk in a bag?

Clippy Mat said...

ugh bats and mice. :-(
LOVE the video and have forwarded the link to some friends.
re shoppers d.m. thanks for the tips. always appreciate them :-)

Karine said...

Hi there!

Bats and mice both come in through tiny holes on the outside of your house. Have you guys thought of having a humane pest control specialist come and look at your house? He'll fine the points of entry for the critters, block them and will solve your problem permanently without your having to kill them. We had mice in our attic when I was living with my mom and once the holes were blocked we never had another problem.

As for carrots, yup, our dogs liked them too. One of them also liked raw pumpkin, broccoli and celery and all three of my mom's current dogs like apples.

Unknown said...

I think a picture of you and molly and dh and the bat in action would have made my day!

You have no end of little adventures there do you, LOL, keep smiling.

Scrappy quilter said...

I'm laughing here because I can so relate to you and the bat. Bat's usually leave at late fall and don't come back until he spring. I'm wondering if something might have been wrong with this one.

Dogs love vegs like carrots. I have heard though not to give them onions.

I do hope the bat situation is over with now (until spring) and you can find where those mice are coming in from. Since we put down poison, we've had none. Hugs..

Oh btw - we are snowed in. Sending it your way, hope that's okay, lol.

MyBulletinBoard said...

DearDog loves carrots. The vet recommended them. He likes sweet potatoes, too. Good fiber source.

Liz in the Republic of Texas

flowerpower said...

I am with Karine on having your home looked at for any openings to the outside by a professional.
We have had aunts and had to inspect the entire outside and caulk all cracks and holes about 10 years ago and no more aunts.

Clippy Mat said...

Thanks for the SDM input. I'm getting gift cards now instead of giving them my hard earned cash LOL. Great tip :-)

Evelyn said...

my dog hates carrots.

bats don't need much of an opening to get in, hope it is the last of em!

chksnowqueen said...

Well aren't you the clever one for thinking of that for the store points. I have a friend who absoluetly LOVES Shoppers Drug Mart as she always shops the 20x the points and extra point rebates days. Thanks for that tip. I will pass it on.

Sandi McBride said...

All the little wild things want in the nice warm house, that's the problem...they're cold! Molly of course feels you should listen when she speaks...lol. And I wonder if that method at your pharmacy would work at CVS here? Gonna have to do some investigating...

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Always interesting.
ps What do you know about gluten free donuts made in a machine?
My wifes just bought a machine. My skills are so bad you may have to reply on my blog!

Anonymous said...


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