Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bread Sauce and Stuffing Recipes....

I posted those recipes here last year, so I thought I would remind you of them, just in case you are looking for those recipes.  I am cooking a pre-stuffed turkey for the first time this year.  Never bought one of those before, it's a Butterball one as well, gone all out, as I normally get a "utility" turkey, you know the one with a part missing from it!!  If the part missing is a wing or a leg, its no big deal to us, as no one is that keen on them.  One of the first things to disappear from the turkey are the bacon rolls I attach to turkey using toothpicks.  There are never any of those left, as everyone loves them.  Plus it keeps the breast nice and moist.

I generally smear a pile of butter also under the skin of the turkey just to make doubly sure it's nice and moist.  We're also having the bread sauce, a can of Ocean Spray Cranberry Jelly, I don't like the whole fruit one.  We are having brussel sprouts (yuck!!),  mashed carrots and turnip (yummy), mashed potatoes, and I have a bag of baby potatoes that I froze from the garden.  Of course we'll have gravy as well, and I was thinking of baking a ham as well.......but not sure about that.

Pudding, is some sort of dulce de leche cream pie I bought, along with a key lime pie again I bought it, and either a cheesecake or a trifle which I'll make.  Not sure yet.  Then by the time we have eaten all that, we will waddle over to the sofa; I always wear elasticated pants, just so there is plenty of room to expand.  Some of us will fall asleep, while the others will play on the Wii.........

We eat around 2pm, and we always listen to the Queen's speach to see what she has to say for herself.

A another one from the 80's. Shakin Steven's - "Merry Christmas Everyone"

Here are a couple more of his songs:


BadPenny said...

yummy ! I put herb butter under the turkey skin too !

I will get a FEW sprouts for mum otherwise we are a sprout free family !

Don't bother with bread & cranberry sauce - no one eats it !

Will make a rich gravey with stock red wine tomato puree mustard lovely !

My pud didn't survive being stored but we have a pud & a cake in the lovely hamper .

There was also champagne which we open as we start to open pressies

Oh ! I'm starting to look forward to it .

Good ol Shakey - loved him - your music clips have been a run down memory lane xx

John Going Gently said...

Shakin stevens......hummmmmmmmm!!!!!

Tracey said...

I've been to see Shaky lots of times....loved him! I love sprouts too! Never watch the Queens speach though. Amy's cooking this year again....yipee! xxx

~Niki~ said...

Have a Merry Christmas Gill!

Kadeeae said...

Haha, am with you on the sprouts . . . they are absolutely revolting!! Ooo, a Butterball - they were my turkey of choice when I was 'over there' :-)d

We are at my inlaws at Christmas and they aren't bothered about watching the Queen's speech, so I record it here at home - all of what? 10 minutes?? Still a bit of a novelty to me and I wouldn't miss it.

Karine said...

Oh, my gosh! How can you manage all of that food??? lol I'm making Christmas Eve dinner this year and I'm going for cranberry glazed roast pork and scalloped potatoes with goat cheese!

Clippy Mat said...

i'd forgotten about shakin stevens! whatever happened to him? and there was another guy whose name escapes me. he wore leather and always held the mike at an angle in his leather gloved hand.
who was that now?

DeniseinVA said...

All that sounds yummy Gill and thanks for the link. We're having Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding and all the fixings which is becoming a standard Christmas Day Dinner for us as we always have Turkey on Thanksgiving and that wasn't so long ago. Not sure what's for dessert but when I asked son about new daughter-in-law's tastes he said, "anything with chocolate in it" so she's definitely a girl after my own heart :) Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you all.

Clippy Mat said...

Alvin Stardust!
came to me this afternoon.
not HIM.
just his name.

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