Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bits and bobs; and where did this pop up from?

You know the more I read your responses yesterday agreeing with me about how much work it is for such a short period of time, the more I am determined to so something different next Christmas.  No idea what yet, but I am also going to have a Christmas break.  I put my oven onto self clean for three hours on Boxing Day, and I am still going to have to scrub it down {{{SIGH}}}  The full pound of bacon I put on the turkey made a heck of a more work there.  So maybe next year we'll just have cold meat, salad and sandwiches...pretend we are in Australia and its too hot to cook!!

I forgot to show you my new Christmas ornaments this year.  The first one is a Waterford Crystal one there is a better picture of it on the link.  It's number 2792/5000, and my mother got it for me.  Its nice but I prefer my Wedgewood one.

My mother also sent me this beautiful Wedgwood one, I can't find one on the Wedgwood site for a better photo.

Finally the kids got me this Wedgwood one, and it is on this site

Needless to say I was very pleased to receive them.  I now have five Wedgwood ornaments and they are front and centre on the Christmas tree.

For the first time in many, many years we were not all up at the crack of dawn to go Boxing Day shopping.  Neither me nor dh really wanted anything and so the kids went out mid morning and were back by 3pm with only a couple of things each.  Me and dh went up to Chapters and Michaels and I got my Christmas cards for next year at Chapters, and picked up my Christmas crackers for next year at Michaels.

We had a full range of weather on Boxing Day, from rain, snow, freezing rain and fog.  It got rid of a bit of snow, but made everything slippery.  At least with it raining, it was a bit warmer.  Both kids went back home on Boxing Day night, and dd took Olive with her.  She never left dd bedroom the whole time she was here, however she did come out of under the bed so that was good.  Meanwhile Molly has got over the excitement of having a house full of people and is flaked out in front of the fire!!!

Finally, for some reason this song popped up in my head and I can't get rid of it....LOL, and I have no idea where it came from???


DeniseinVA said...

You've got some lovely ornaments. Going to Australia next year for Christmas sounds a wonderful idea ;) But we were away in warm weather last Christmas and have to say I loved spending Christmas at home, snow and all! I had a great time cooking the dinner, preparing quite a lot of it earlier on in the day, and sitting around the table with our son and daughter-in-law in the evening. It was well worth all the work.

Tracey said...

They are seriously posh tree ornaments! What a lovely thing to

BadPenny said...

last Christmas was magical for us we returned to Antigua where we had worked & met 20 years ago and again 10 years ago when the children were young.

Roddy was asked to skipper a yacht in the ARC race & then the boat was to stay in Antigua but no one was using it over Christmas so we were offered it.

We kept presents to a minimum with a Secret Santa ( difficult to be so secret with only four of you ! )

We might get the chance to do it all again next Christmas !!

I did enjoy Xmas day but was terribly low in the run up to it so it is good to do something totally different !

Lovely ornaments xx

Unknown said...

Gill all that cleaning ... but I am sure you had a lovely day. Great idea to get your crackers and cards in the sales too, mind you if I did that I would probably put them somewhere and forget about them LOL.

landcuckoo said...

Glad you had a lovely Christmas, even with all the work involved! Dinner does create a mountain of washing up doesn't it? Lovley ornaments, I haven't seen any like that before, although I definately recognise the makes!
Best wishes for a great New Year for you and your family.
Sarah x

Stella Jones said...

I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas, but it's not quite over yet, is it. I should make it last a little longer if I was you.
Blessings, Star

MyBulletinBoard said...

Gill, those are such beautiful ornaments!

Liz, where the snow is melting

that british woman s brother said...

all that cooking and cleaning for one day we all know all about that - just dont forget the bloke stuff - wandering about with a pocket full of spare batteries several screwdrivers super glue rolls of tape and loads of thought just trying to keep the new toys running for at least a few days until they get bored of them and they are forgotten about
quick one - why do toys never come with batteries in - why are they wired in, bolted in, and taped in - in the worlds most imposible to open boxes - when a kid opens a toy they want to play with it not wait for an hour for their dad to open ,put it together, install batteries and then put on all the stickers and other stuff to make it look like it does on the box
rant over ...nick...

Piece by Piece said...

Your Christmas ornaments are lovely, its a shame we only display them for such a short time every year. I agree, all the prep work we do for the holidays, and its over in minutes -- I've decided that next year will be different. Glad you had a great day. Patricia

Canadian Saver said...

Those ornaments are really, really great!! Sounds like a great boxing day you guys had... our stores aren't open but I managed to do a bit of online shopping :-)

John Going Gently said...

I saw Tom Jones in concert a few years ago and enjoyed it very much!!
must be a Welsh thing)

Wendy said...

For Christmas, we hardly ever cook a big ol meal. In fact, I went to my sister's house and her man made deconstructed, vegetarian sushi bowls... sushi rice, grilled tofu, slices of avocado, crumbled nori and sesame seeds. It was fantastic!

But, I have to say, a turkey covered in a full pound of bacon sounds pretty good too.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

beautiful like the wedgewood snowflake :)

we did a little cooking...i am getting in to prepping early and simplifying as much as possible. it makes life so much easier. we'll be doing a crown roast for new year's :) hubby is tackling that.

wishing you a most wonderful new year ms. gill.
many hugs

Scrappy quilter said...

Gill you have got to read my post about my stress free Christmas. It was wonderful. I'm not sure why we all get stressed out at Christmas. I decided this year was going to be like our first year here....stress free.

Our weather is much better so hopefully it'll be coming your way.


Lakeland Jo said...

I love those ornaments- beautiful

Karine said...

You ornaments are lovely Gill! As for Boxing Day shopping, I never go, it's just way too much trouble for me, way too many people and way too much bad attitude from rabid bargain hunters :ox

Winifred said...

Love your ornaments Gill. Very pretty.

Have to say I really am lazy following Christmas Day regarding housework. The kitchen still isn't particularly tidy but what the heck. The cooker is OK. My husband does the cooking and always covers the turkey in foil so no mess there.

I never go shopping on Boxing Day. I just don't need anything. Anyway I feel sorry for those people working in the shops especially those horrendous sales that start really early.

Sisters of the Blog said...

Lovely ornaments.

I had a very quiet Christmas this year and enjoyed it most heartily. It was just me and the cats all day. I roasted a chicken, we all thought it was very tasty, i had several sips of wine to toast the day and those who are no longer on the planet to enjoy it with me, and watched, "White Christmas" afterwards.

I had to click to hear Tom Jones--now that song will be stuck in my head, thanks for passing that along. LOL

I'm intrigued by the pound of bacon around the turkey. I love bacon, hate the mess it makes.


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