Monday, May 24, 2010

Well here we go again..........

the heat and the humidity has arrived.  We are expected to reach a temperature of 33 oC (91 oF) with the humidity this afternoon.  Tomorrow is no better and it is slightly cooler by a degree or two for the rest of the week.

It was only a week or so ago when we had the fire on as it was so cold?  It's never a gradual increase in temperatures here, one minute it is cold then boom the heat and humidity arrives.

It's been a busy weekend, got a few jobs done so that is good.  Still have a lot more to do though.  Dh got the pieces all welded back together on the tractor and has got that going for me again.  Thank goodness he is so handy; it saves us a pile a money.  My dad and stepmum came over on Sunday and helped out around the place.  I don't know where my dad gets all the energy from at his age; he works non stop.  He got some more of my veggie patch dug over and another row of potatoes planted.  So now I have at least 100 potatoes planted, and still a third of a sack of potatoes left.  We'll just eat the rest in the sack.

My hand is a lot better, as I am wearing my splint on a night.  My heels are a lot better as well, which is good news.  My arm is starting to heal; though I do think I should have maybe had it stitched to close the hole up.  I have a dressing on everynight, and despite the fact I have bought ultra sensitive tape my poor skin around it is so sore and bruised with pulling off the tape every morning.

My biggest problem though is my tooth, a visit to the dentist this week is a must.  I am chewing liquid Advil like candy at the moment to ease the pain.  So the sooner I get it seen too the better.

It's a holiday today here in Canada, Victoria Day, where we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday?  I know as far as I know they don't do that in Britain, so why here in Canada?  Regardless, for everyone who works outside of the house, its a paid day off, so no ones complaining!!

On the wildlife front, good news, there is activity in the Martin House.  I don't see any washing hung out yet, but I am sure the birdies are moving in.

Also the humming birds are back, so I have the feeder out, but haven't seen any birds at it yet.

So there you go a bit of an update.  Hope to be back to regular posting again.  Now I'm off into the garden while its not too to hot!


Denise said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a lot better. Enjoyed reading your post. Not sure what the weather is going to be like here today but it's been raining pretty hard over the weekend. Humidity? Can't stand it, you have my sympathy.

The Witch said...

I hope you get some relief for your tooth soon.
That cut on your arm still looks really sore.
Our Hummingbirds are back along with the tree swallows.
I just love that purple martin house.
Did you Father make that for you?

GrammyGoo said...

Praying for ya Gill. Try paper tape. It is really good for people with sensitive skin

Leiani said...

Oh Gill!!!! So many annoying injuries/illnesses. You need to slow down. Hope you make it through the hot weather, though for us that's about the average temperature for almost half the year LOL!

Star said...

You poor thing. You are really suffering, aren't you. Your arm still looks sore. Why not try some of those burn dressings? Melolin, I think they're called. They don't stick. You can cut them into quarters to make them go further and you can stick them on with the much kinder surgical tape, which is on a roll and white. Hope all gets better soon.
When you said 'butter', did you mean that you say 'booter' with your northern English accent? Is that what they think you are saying?
ps although you look familiar to me, I have never known anyone from Manchester, so I must be wrong. However, it is good to meet you on here.
Blessings, Star

Evelyn said...

hope you get some relief frommthe pain. holiday here and it is paid for some if they are full time. I think Queen Victoria was a monarch to the colonies and it was Canadas heyday of refinement. Also she was the monarch in power when we became a country.

EG Wow said...

Glad you are healing, Gill.

My husband saw a hummingbird at my coral bells three times today so they are definitely back!

Jess said...

Hope all gets better and stay better!

Have a great day
Love, jess

LizBeth said...

So glad to hear your feet are doing better!!

Have you ever tried New Skin, that paint on bandage stuff? Works pretty well, and makes it heal faster. I'd be concerned if it takes much longer to close up. We had a deal like that on DH's hand, and he finally had to go to the doc. Got a new antibiotic that is especially for skin wounds; makes them heal up super fast. I have the same problem with the tape. Oh, I feel for you.

Liz, The Republic

Anonymous said...

Tooth pain is probably the worst - I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy. Go see the dentist, even though it's not fun! Advil can only do so much :-(

It's hot and humid here too but I like it. So far :-D