Thursday, May 6, 2010


I knew it would happen and it all finally caught up with me on Wednesday.  I woke up with a headache, bad sign.  Plus my heels on my feet are just killing me; that started last Thursday night after being on my feet for three hours straight.

Anyhow, I decided I had better go to the doctors and see him about my feet.  I got an appointment for 3:10pm, and decided to potter around the house, doing some odds and ends.  Then after my 10 o'clock tea break, I figured I would cut some more of the lawn.  Got back in by 11:30am, and my poor head was pounding.  So I did some more tidying up, then decided that the 45 minute drive to and from the doctor's, plus the hour sitting in his office (as he's always an hour behind) with my head pounding wasn't a good thing.  So I cancelled that appointment.

Meanwhile the phone rang and it was the local town's health centre.  I had put our name on the waiting list for a doctor closer to where we lived.  Did we have a doctor, yes we do, so back on the list we went.  They were only taking patients with no family doctor.  However, when I put our name on the list in April we were five hundred and something, now we are three hundred and something, so we are moving up the list quite fast.

Anyhow, after I had something to eat I went to bed for an hour or so to try and sleep off the headache.  By 4pm we had a major thunderstorm pass through, which cleared the air a bit, thank goodness.  Luckily I had brought in my laundry from the line, and got it ironed when I got up.

Oh and I had a groan/flipping heck moment after lunch.  I am a taste tester for a company and today the courier brought me two packets of these new ice cream bars, covered in chocolate.  All I could think of, is I have a blasted headache, I shouldn't be eating chocolate!!

I managed to hold off from trying one until after supper.  I had one of the white chocolate ones, and it tasted like Milky Bar chocolate, so it got a big thumbs up for me!!  I can't tell you anymore as I am not allowed to disclose any information.

So all in all Wednesday wasn't as productive as I would have liked.

We pass this house on the way to one of the towns.  I have long admired it, I love the look of it; and now it has come up for sale.  Don't worry we're not moving, at the price they are putting it up for, I could probably only afford the garage!!  It's still a lovely house though.........


Sandra said...

wow, you can achieve a great deal with a thumping headache! But sometimes ignoring it actually helps..... I hope you are feeling all better today!

Callie said...

Hope you are feeling much better. Being sick is no fun.

LizBeth said...

Do you have a doctor shortage?

Ae you sure that rattling around on the mower isn't giving you headaches? That would tear me up. I can't even jump rope without getting a headache! Take good care of you!

Liz, The Republic

Kim said...

Hope you are feeling better today - where can I get a job like that? And finally, your house link is set up wrong - says something about points :)

Karine said...

Oh dear Gill, I hope you're feeling better! I'm very tired as well, but I have my vacation coming up in a week, so that should put me back on my feet.

As for my apartment, I'm not going to be posting any pictures of the outside since there's no way to get the entire building in the shot unless I take it from the side and then it's not much to look at. I may post some more pictures of the inside at some point though, when the rest of the moving mess is gone :o)

Anonymous said...

Love the photos of the home! Such a beautiful garden! Are you sure you don't want to move??

Shammickite said...

What a gorgeous house. Unfortunately I don't have the $1 million plus that they are asking for the place. Oh well, keep buying the lottery tix!
And anyway, I don't think I would have enough time to look after that huge garden. But if I could afford that house, I'd probably be able to afford a grdener.

Zhu said...

There is no way I could have done all that with a headache!

You are lucky to have a GP, I still haven't found one... after 7 years in Ottawa!