Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back again.......

Can't believe how fast these past couple of days have gone by.  One minute I am getting up the next it's bedtime.

I have managed to get a few jobs done, but there is still a list a mile long to tackle.

I got a lot of jobs done in the garde, including spreading some grass seed, planting three rows of potatoes, and there should be 27 plants in each row if they all grow, and I still have half a bag of potatoes left!!  Got another row a carrots sown, some beets and a row of turnips/rutabaga's  We call them turnips in this house, even though they are technically swedes.

I have cut and trimmed all around the blackcurrant bushes, so they actually don't look too bad at the moment.  I managed to weed a couple of flower beds, so only another 4 to go!!  Got more grass cut, but as it keeps raining that is a losing battle I have decided.

I have got caught up with the recipes for the recipe book; well at least at the time of writing.  Up to 112 input in the main book, and another 10 in the special section.  My goal is at least 200 recipes.  Went to my first ACW meeting today.  I took Cinnamon Rhubarb muffins, the recipe is here and must say it's a keeper as they are lovely and moist.

My feet are still killing me, but until I get some inserts and rest my feet, they're not going to get any better, so I guess it's my own fault that they continue to be sore.

It's dd and boyfriend anniversary today, they have been together 10 years and are the ripe old age of 24!!


Sue in France said...

Wow - thanks, the recipe was just what I needed. A friend gave me a load of rhubarb about ten minutes before I read your blog!

I'm an ex-pat Brit in France and always enjoy reading your posts.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Gill, where are you finding all that energy?? Must be in those delicious muffins!! It's making me regret not planting any rhubarb when I had the chance! Hope those feet feel better and you get a moment or two to relax this weekend!!

LizBeth said...

I just love the rhubarb recipe, but what on earth do you do with rutabagas????? They stinketh to high heaven. DH grew them as an experiment one year, just threw the seed in to see if they would grow here. Had a bumper crop. I put up with it as long as I could, but I finally had to lay down the law. NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!!! They were horrible. Surely Canadian rutabagas smell better than Texas rutabagas. . . . . Took me about a year to get mostly back to normal with the feet. DH would say I've never been normal in my life.

Liz, The Republic

The Witch said...

I'm going to try that muffin recipe soon. My rhubarb is just starting to get to a good height.
I love turnips. They are so nice in a beef stew and you should be able to over winter them if you have a cold room.
Glad your back and all rested.

Evelyn said...

love rhubard and love turnips! i think our rhubarb will soon be ready, i don't have any planted but neighbour does.

Karine said...

Glad to see you back , Gill! You sure had a busy couple of days! Those muffins look absolutely scrumptious, thanks for sharing the recipe :o)

Denise said...

Glad you got a few of your jobs done Gill. Thanks for the great recipe too.

Zhu said...

The muffins look great. I have just finished diner and I'd grab one for dessert!