Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy in the garden....

Didn't get in from the garden until 8:15pm last night, so by the time I had, had a shower etc., I was too tired to write a post for the blog.

I do have a couple more jobs crossed off my list though.  All the flower gardens have been weeded.  I have planted 20 of my Gladiolus bulbs.  Have another 40 more to plant though; not too sure where at the moment. 

I got the firepit cleaned out again, as I had a fire yesterday morning, as it was nice an calm around here for a change.  It's a very windy location we live in, so having a morning where it is nice and calm makes a nice change.

Picked a pile of rhubarb, so making a double batch of the Cinnamon Ruhbarb muffins this morning, and the rest I am going to put in the freezer.

Dh changed the blade on the lawn tractor for me, but there is something dearly wrong with the poor thing.  I can use the tractor to haul things in the trailer but not to cut the grass :0(    Please say a little prayer for me, that it isn't anything to drastic that is wrong with it.......

Dd is coming up today to help in the garden.  I am looking forward to spending time with her and the couple of jobs I have planned will go by so much faster with the two of us.

Well I had better get on.  It's Wednesday morning, so I have my online banking to do.  I have a load of laundry in the washer that will be to hang outside shortly, and I have some emails to reply rest for the wicked!!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


P.S.  Yes I did move to the country for a slower pace of life.........what happened???


Denise said...

That will be lovely spending time with your daughter. I need to get out to weed myself but the weather has been a bit iffy. Rain all day yesterday and I’m waiting to see if it’s the same today, as promised by the weatherman.

tina said...

It is back to being cold here in the canyon, but I am determined to bundle up and get outside!
How fun to have your daughter to help you with garden chores...reminds me that I want to re-read the Shell Seekers once that book :)
Have a lovely day with your girl!