Sunday, May 30, 2010


Anyone who gardens has a job they hate to do.  In my case it's weeding, I really don't like that job at all.  So I have decided to an hours worth of weeding every day to make the job a bit easier on myself.  As there is one thing I can grow with no problem and that's weeds!!

The process of cutting the grass has now become more difficult, as the baby killdeer are wandering all over the field, so I have to be careful not to run them over.  Then to add to it all, because I haven't cut the field in  a couple of weeks it's knee high with the grass and weeds, which is making even more difficult to cut the grass.  I now know why I cut the field on a more regular basis, as it takes half the time when its shorter.

Anyhow, here are a couple of photos.  The first one is looking from the front deck towards the veggie patch.

My veggie patch there is a row of peas closest to the bottom of the photo.

At the opposite end of the veggie patch.

We're in for a couple more red hot days.  At least we had a break on Saturday from the sweltering heat and humidity.


Tracey said...

Why don't you let the grass go to hay then sell it? I wouldn't cut it thats for sure! I must admit it all looks wonderful though!! xxx

that british woman s brother said...

veggie patch looking good our gill
could do with border around it - some planking (old pallets?) or if you could get some over there some railway sleepers or something similar.
bit jealous of the size of course but i dont have the space
i'll post pics of my acreage when i get time........nick

Leiani said...

The garden looks fabulous! All your hard work is paying off. Hope you survive the heat ok.

MyBulletinBoard said...

Gill, it's looking so beautiful!

Yes, please join me for the slower summer. Don't know how you'll manage it, but you are more than welcome to join! LOL I told Kadeeae we should all take the summer off and come back in September with a chocolate celebration around the globe at the same hour. I'll eat my chocolate and think of you!

Liz, The Republic (expecting a high of 82F today)

Karine said...

Someone posted the hay idea before I did lol You could probably make a pretty penny off of it!