Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday's happenings.........

Lots to talk about.  I finished off the new garden, have yet to take a photo of it though.  Fiddled on outside for a couple hours first thing on Thursday morning.  That also included cutting some grass with the lawn tractor.  However that also meant me wrecking another blade on the tractor.  I know I give up with this cutting of the lawn.  So I now have to order some more blades, as I dug up stones and ruined the blade(s)

I went to Sears to get some more blades, but of course they had none in stock.  Tried a couple of other places in town, but of course nothing fits. {{SIGH}}

I went to the doctors, and my arm is fine, and I am doing everything that I should be doing and it will mend eventually.  So that's good.

Dd and I met up with a dear friend and had lunch at her work.  She's a buyer for a big company and they have a huge cafeteria.  Anyhow, they were giving out sample of icecream, so of course me and dd had to taste test them just to make sure they were okay!!!  We sampled three flavours, me: mint choc chip, banans split and caramel toffee crunch.  Dd tasted the mint choc chip, the caramel toffee crunch and the sprinkle party icecream.  Here is a full list of the flavours; mint choc chip was both our favourites.  The things I do for you.....I deserve a medal!! LOL

Poor Molly is rushed off her feet as the chipmunks have materialised again, and she runs back and forward from one window to the next looking at them.

She also started to bark up a storm this morning, couldn't decide at what to start with and then I saw it up in the tree.
Here is it's bum...........yep a raccoon.

It seems that Molly does NOT like raccoons!!

Another hot and humid day here......PLEASE RAIN!!!!

Also last night's sunset:


Tracey said...

How fantastic to have all those cute animals living around you! Glad your arm is on the mend. Try to keep cool! xxx

LizBeth said...

Sooooo happy for the good news on your arm! Now we need good news on feet!

Beautiful pictures. Have you had any experience with coons? They can be nasty. Be careful.

Liz, The Republic

Zhu said...

The sunset picture is just gorgeous! The light is magic. Better than a movie!

Karine said...

That last photo is fabulous Gill! I'm glad your arm is doing fine :o)

Denise said...

First of all Gill, super photos of sunset, scenery and cute critters, and that head is a stunner. Glad to hear your arm is getting better, and that Molly is being given loads of exercise thanks to the chipmunks. Nice time with your daughter and friend too. Sounds like a great day, broken blades aside.