Friday, May 21, 2010

Just shoot me now and we'll start afresh.....

Lets see, where to start:

My arm - well it's still weeping, but it's not looking as red and swollen as it was.  I keep a dressing on it overnight, but find through the day, as its in the crook of my arm, it tends to sweat and so it keeps falling off.  I put an antiseptic cream on through the day as well just to keep the dirt out.

My tooth - is still aching, it feels more sensitive to hot and cold than anything else though, so brushing with sensitive toothpaste to see if that will ease it a bit.

My heels - although still sore, not as painful as they were, so I am hoping I can get away without buying the $400 orthotics.

My hand - this is a new one isn't it!!!  I had the carpal tunnel operated on a few years back on my right hand.  Well occasionally it flares up; and on Wednesday, I decided to clean out the weeds, between the paving stones.  Since then my poor hand has been killing me.  I have a splint on it now as it is so sore.  It wouldn't be so bad, but it's my right hand and I am right handed. 

Touch wood my back is fine; and I don't have a headache!!

Oh and the lawn tractor is sat by the veggie patch not going anywhere AT ALL..........the bar that connects the foot pedal to the rest of the tractor to make it go, has broken off.......suffice to say DH is not a happy camper with me at this point............where's that gun?


LizBeth said...

Bet the foot pedal is the heart of your foot trouble! Let it rest. Put up electric fence. Buy sheep and goats. Baaaaaaaaa!

Liz, The Republic

Piece by Piece said...

Gill, it sounds as if you are falling apart at the seams, better be careful, dh will be trading you in for a new model.
Hope all your aches, pains, and the gash on your arm will be getting better soon.

Tracey said...

My mam had your foot problem, she had steroid injections in them which helped. I think it's a sign of our age that we are all falling to bits! (just to cheer you up!) xxxx

Kim said...

Wow that tractor isn't operating very well - it is not that old is it - is it under warranty? Can you get it fixed for free?

You need to take the weekend off and relax and feel better.

Mrs. Bee said...

Oh you sound in need of a vaction!
Let the arm air out during the day. It needs to dry out so it can close the wound and then it will stop weeping. If you INSIST on being in the garden ;) wear a long sleeve shirt that is rather loose in the sleeves...that will allow the air to get to the cut and keep most of the dirt out. If you keep it moist, it will take forever to heal...just watch for redness and if it feels hot, go to your doctor
Ok, that from the medic, my son :)
Wish you were closer, hubby could weld your tractor thingy for you :(
Hope today you are feeling better..maybe just pull up a chair in the garden and relax for the weekend!

Denise said...

We had a saying in my family when things like this happened, not quite sure where it came from. It went something like this, "It's time to put you in a barrel and roll you over Niagara Falls. You couldn't feel any worse than you do now could you?" Something like that anyhow. Hope all aches, cuts and everything else gets back to normal soon.

Rose said...

I do feel for you...seems like troubles always come in groups. Your arm looks like it could be painful...I scrolled down till I found the picture of it and what happened.

Catherine said...

Hi Gill, found your blog via someone who'd visited mine via yours - complicated - but I am following you now, like your garden and your rhubarb recipe. I have a bed fullof rhubarb too, even blogged on it last year. I hope you visit and follow my blog, it's very diverse, no one theme but covers whatever takes my fancy in my life.
All the best, Catherine.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Oh the joys of getting older:)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I think this is what happens when you work too hard!! :-))) Seriouisly, I do hope you continue to mend Gill, and I hope your tooth gets better too--Motrin does work--Don't be so worried about the cold, it's hot that is an indication that something could be wrong with it--I hope it's not getting worse, and I hope nothing else happens to you, how much more can one person take?? Hang in there, and know I'm sending healing and positive energy in your direction!! Take care!!
~Thanks for you kind thoughts and prayers for Maguire and I!~