Saturday, May 1, 2010

Those builders!!!

Have to say they are great guys, but I think they made more mess this time than when they did the attic, which surprised me as I always thought drywall dust was the worst.  However concrete dust seems to travel further.  They were working primarily in the old basement, and to get there they travelled back and forward through the kitchen.  All the concrete, the blocks and everything was to carry through the kitchen.

So everything was covered in a layer of dust and the floor was just plain filthy.  Dh spent part of Saturday reconnecting the outside water supply, as that was to cut when they blocked up the window under the deck.  They ruined 7 deck boards so we had to buy them, dh will get them replaced through the week.

They finished off the attic as well by putting MDF board on the corners.  I am reserving judgement as to what that will look like until I have painted them. They told me, I wouldn't notice them once I had painted them..........I am not 100% convinced about the whole situation!

Saturday was a busy day for me around the garden.  I picked up another hydrangea on sale on Friday.  This one is called PeeGee and has a white flower.  I also got the 12 small spruce trees planted.  Here is a photo of them, I planted them along the property line just to be on the safe side:

However as dh mentioned, we'll be dead and buried before they reach any great height.  Still every little helps as far as the environment is concerned.

I also spent the rest of the day in between the showers cutting the grass, and I see that bloody field could do with cutting again...........I mean I only just finished cutting it........I tell you it's a never ending job.  However it looks so good when I have just cut it. 

I have a hundred and one jobs that need to be done in the garden, but have to say I am pleased to hear that the forecast on Sunday is rain all day....YEAH!!!  I get a break from the garden.

Here is a photo of the house taken May 1st.  Notice on the bottom of the photo to the left is the yellow magnolia I just planted.  I have to edge all the gardens yet, as they are so overgrown.  It's on my never ending list of things to do!!

I am the official greeter again at church, plus I am helping with the coffee morning after the service.  I picked some rhubarb, so will make something with rhubarb for everyone.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Karine said...

Hi Gill, I'm back online!!!

Your garden looks lovely as does your house. That's a shame about the workers making such a mess though, Are you going to make them pay for the deck boards? You should if they destroyed them... I always made darn sure that the people who came to work on my former apartment cleaned it up after finishing upon penalty of their having to pay my veterinary bill if my cats ate anything that made them sick off the floor!

Tracey said...

You have a beautiful home. You need a few goats to help keep the grass down though! xxx

DeniseinVA said...

I noticed Tracey's comment about the goats. One of the houses with a lot of garden I have passed had two or three to keep their grass short.

chksnowqueen said...

You have my sympathies for the travelling dust from the work being done. We are doing our basement bathroom just now. My husband and a friend are working on it in their spare time and the house is all topsy turvy with dust everywhere. At the rate they are going, it won't be done for another month!

You do have a lovely piece of property Gill, and you are taking great care of it. Beautiful photos, as always.

Tea Time With Melody said...

I just love all your open space and it is so neatly layed out. Makes you want to just take a walk or even sit with a great book under that tree on a hot day.

The Witch said...

You will love your pee gee in time as it grows. The flowers right now are white but later on in the fall they will start to turn a lovely shade of pink much like cotton candy. At this point you can cut them and bring them inside for a dry cut flower look that will last forever, if only the dust wouldn't collect on it.
Some people at Christmas time spray these a gold colour which looks great with red ribbon tied around them.
They do like lots of water and room to grow.
I bought mine at the end of the gardening season for $6.00 and it has really grown beautiful.
Don't be afraid to trim them it will really improve there look over time.
I hear you about the concrete dust along with dry wall dust:(
Your house looks beautiful.I just love the stone.

diane b said...

Enjoyed reading your blog about settling into the country living. A big adventure for you, bravo.