Sunday, October 29, 2017

Zoomer Show Toronto

We went to the Zoomer Show in Toronto on Saturday, it caters to people 45+.  Had free tickets, so figured it would be interesting, which it was.  The Canada Revenue Agency was there and we had a couple of questions regarding dh's pension.  I think I got more sense out of the chair they were sitting on!!  Talk about evasive........whatever!!

Had a free 15 minute Reiki session.  I am not sure what to say about that other than her hands were hot.  Did it work???  Who knows........I kept getting distracted about what was going on around me!!  If anyone is an expert with Reiki please enlighten me, as I don't get it?

Anyhow here are some photos from the show:

Loved this tea towel but it was $15 which I thought was expensive.
Not sure which t-shirt would have been perfect for dh..........thinking maybe the bottom one😋
I would have got the grandkids one of these if they came in children's sizes
This was also a cute tea towel.
Zoomer radio was broadcasting, you can listen to it here.
I so need this apron...........just in case it's not clear it does say FECK OFF!!!
 This was our lunch, cost $11.25 for those from the British stall. Were not as good as I remember?
Dh thought we should have a rest and relax here!!
Glad we got in for free, it was an okay show and put in a few hours on a wet Saturday afternoon.

We are member's of CARP and also receive the Zoomer magazine and think it's a good deal.


Evelyn said...

Love Mrs. Brown and all the t-shirts! I also get the Zoomer magazine

Jenn Jilks said...

That looks like fun! We get Zoomer Magazine, but some of the things they do remind me that CARP is a lobby group. Also, they are an affiliate of AARP, which is even more driven by advertisers.
This is why Zoomer has so much US content. Drives me nuts!

Jackie said...

Looks like an interesting day. I do like the t-shirts.

Don't belong to CARP, Dad did and really enjoyed the Magazine.

God bless.

William Kendall said...

I've seen that Irish Keep Calm saying at an embassy event here.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Are there benefits to belong to Carp, other than the magazine?

Anne in the kitchen said...

I want, no make that need that apron!