Saturday, October 28, 2017

Tea Wallet

Again another cute quick and easy sewing project.  I used this tutorial for a Tea Wallet for your purse.

This holds six teabags.  I think it looks neater with just the four tea bags in it.  You could use the two other pockets for sugar or sweetener.    This would be ideal to take on a picnic with a flask of hot water.

I also made a Sanitary Pad Holder for my purse, using this pattern as a basis.  I adapted it to make it work for this project.

If you make this remember to visualize which way your material will go if it has a pattern.

 When I looked at this, I wish I had top seamed either side of the join.   It would have looked more finished and sharper.
 You can fit at least two or three pads in it.

Again I am asking what would you think a good price for each one of these would be?

For those who were asking about the material I have had it for a while.  I got a fat quarter bundle a while ago and these are four fat quarters from it.  I think this is one of the fabrics though.


angela said...

I love them. What a clever idea

Evelyn said...

love all these ideas1 again I would pay 5 to 7 dollars. how much time does each take to make?

William Kendall said...

Very handy! Say seven to ten?

barbara woods said...

very cute, glad you are sewing

Jackie said...

Nice work, and a lovely way to use up the scraps in your fabric stash (well, I am thinking of my fabric stash).

God bless.

Oliva Ohlson said...

What a neat project and a great gift to tea drinker...TFS!