Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How Wallpaper is made at Farrow and Ball

This was an interesting video to watch I thought.

I haven't wallpapered in years, it went out of fashion, but looking at some of the lovely wallpaper out there I am tempted to start putting a feature wall in each room that is wallpapered.

I do like their Helleborous line, especially that green colour.

You can get some free samples of their wallpaper here.  I may have to order some.

Do you use wallpaper in your home?


Anne in the kitchen said...

That was a cool video. Years ago I wallpapered, but after removing it all and painting I will most likely never wall paper again, or maybe I will!

Angela said...

A fascinating video. Farrow and Ball's HQ is just round the corner from my church here in Dorset. I wish I could afford to buy their lovely products!

mamasmercantile said...

I do like the overall effect but sadly the work involved is just too much these days I would rather paint.

William Kendall said...

The only involvement I've ever had in wallpaper is taking it down.

angela said...

I have besser brick walls. So no go on the wall paper.
I don like the idea of a feature wall and yes. Love the green

Winifred said...

Papering one feature wall with a distinctive wallpaper has been popular for a few years now. My daughter in law always has a contrast wall. I like to see them in other people's houses but not sure I could live with a bold pattern.
I used to wallpaper but now it's hard enough work to paint!

Margie said...

I've seen some beautiful accent wallpaper in restaurants that almost makes me want to put them up on my own walls.

Thank you for the visit and well wishes.

Jackie said...

It has been years since we used wallpaper, but that green paper is very striking.

God bless.