Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Oldies Exercise Class............

Add gallons of sweat pouring off me and that image above would be correct.  I swear I ache in places I didn't know existed.  Yesterday was the first time I had been since the end of August so to say I was out of shape wouldn't be an exaggeration.  

I was shocked though when I walked into the place as it was packed.  Did a sneaky count while I was stretching and there were over 50 of us there.  There were only 4 lb hand weights left, so I took a couple of them, but they were way too heavy for me.  So I need to pick up some hand weights of my own.  Not sure if it's because golfing season is over with; so that's why people start to come to the classes?

Regardless I had a good time, though I was disappointed only one of  the steroid ladies was there and I was behind her, so couldn't really see what she was up too.  There was a couple of older gentlemen there whom I had never seen before; both probably in their late 70's to early 80's and one in particular when I saw him I said, "Oh Bless Him," to myself.  He obviously didn't own any clothes to exercise in as he was wearing a pair of regular shoes, a pair of regular slacks/trousers and a very nice sweater/jumper.  I couldn't see from where I was if he had a shirt and tie on underneath it, but that wouldn't of surprised me.

He actually sat down for nearly all the class, but I would have given him 10 out of 10 for effort, he really did well.  I too sat down for bits of the class, and I am at least 20 + years younger than him!!

The good news was, what with my early morning walk and walking back and forward to the exercise class and doing the exercise class, I had logged in over 11,000 steps and over 90 minutes of exercise all by 10:30 am on Tuesday morning.

I am getting back into the swing of walking and exercising!!


Northern Living Allowance said...

Wow! Well done you! I want to walk after dinner but with no street lights on the roads in the village, I'm a bit nervous, to say the least. I am looking for alternate options, however.

So inspiring to hear how you're doing! xx

angela said...

Well done
The old men are doing better than me!

T'Pol said...

Good for you! I have been consstently walking too but the muscle cramp is back. I have been generously applying Ben-Gay, Tiger Balm and the like. As soon as I start walking, it starts bothering me. On Monday, I had to stop after just 2 km. I normally walk 5-6 Km. Tonight, I will walk again and see what happens.

mamasmercantile said...

Reading your post, puts me to shame. I really must make more of an effort to exercise on a regular basis.

William Kendall said...

Keep at it!

Jackie said...

While I walk every day, I really need to add more exercise to my daily routine. Wish we had an exercise class for the more mature here, I think I could manage that.

God bless.