Friday, July 26, 2013

Home of the Week, baby shower and book review

Will pass on this week's "Home of the Week," despite it being "only" $765,000.  Way overpriced for what it is and look at the second photo of what you look at out your front window.  They have also taken all the personality out of the home with creating that clean modern look.  Not for me.

This week's "Cottage of the Week," is just ridiculous and at $9.85 million with fifty acres of land and two houses on the property I would love to know how anyone can call it a cottage?  Inside is so over the top it's crazy.  Who on earth has a gold sink at a cottage?  Yes, you get all the furnishing's but they would be free to take all the dead animal heads with them.  Even when we go on vacation I refuse point blank to rent a place that has dead animals looking at me.  Obviously the best of the best was used in this place, but it is not a flipping cottage, just saying.

The "Condo of the Week," is the best of the bunch this week and the cheapest at $620,00.   Though the nearly $1,000 a month maintenance fees, seems extreme don't you think?  Love the feel of the place, it feels warm and inviting.  Nice to have a bit of green space around you.  Not sure about the long wall and bowling alley style entry way.  Overall though it was okay.

I wish I could talk about it but you know I can't; the baby shower.  Must say though it's all coming together nicely and can't wait to show you all the photos at the end of September.  I would love to be able to say it's all my creativity, but it's not. "K" is so good at these things, and I have told her before if she ever decides to give up her day job, she should be a party planner.  She thinks of every last detail.

Will tell you though that the invitations arrived, wasn't that super fast, a week and they came from California and are perfect.  Very, very happy with them. If you go to this post, you will find a link to their site.  The shipping cost $15 US to Canada which wasn't bad; I also had a $20 off code from dd, so all in all I paid less than $75 for 60 invites.  Now I have to get the addresses done and mailed.

Posted another book review here, if you're interested?


Jane and Chris said...

I can't view the houses of the week anymore.For some weird reason the laptop freezes completely as soon as I try to open up the page.I was looking forward to seeing the tacky gold sink in the cottage!
Jane x

Rose said...

Sounds like the baby shower is coming along great!

As for the real estate, the home of the week...the inside just did not match the style of the home in my opinion. Did not like it.

The cottage of the week: I loved the looks of the second one from the outside...liked all the windows in the first, but can you imagine keeping them all clean? Anyway, it just felt so full of clutter to me...I think I would have liked it okay if I could have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff...

As for the condo, did you notice the curved book shelf...sort of like a backwards 6....I loved that.

Unknown said...

I cannot believe the prices on those homes. Who has that kind of money? I m jealous that your are part of the planning of a baby shower. My kids are nowhere near having children. It is all their decision and I have never pushed - but I can hope.
Take care.

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