Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You know when it's windy when....

It only takes half an hour to dry the clothes on the washing line, and that included towels.  We get some blustery winds up here, but Monday's wind was very, very windy.  Our hydro/electricity also went out for a while.  I guess that had to do with the wind also.

It was also humid on Monday, I had to put the de-humidifier on in the basement to clear out the humidity in there. We got up to around 20 oC/68 oF.  It just seems like yesterday that I was complaining about how cold it was.

To answer a question from yesterday, the llama's are all on farms.

As you know I am a member of Swagbucks.  Every day I go to the site and get swagbucks for various things.  You get 1 swagbuck per day for answering the daily poll question.  Today's question was:

Do you wash your hands after using the washroom/toilet?

Can you believe some people answered NO?  I find that hard to believe that people would not wash their hands after using the toilet.  Isn't it something that you were taught from an early age, both male and female?  I can't think of a reason not to wash your hands, can you?


DeniseinVA said...

It's raining down here and for the first time this year I woke up feeling a bit clammy. I am pretty rigid with the hand-washing thing.

Valerie said...

You would think washing hands after visiting the toiler would be second nature.
After a few days of very nice spring weather I ventured out with one less layer ... silly me, the wind was cuttingly cold. I must remember the old saying about not casting clouts 'til May is out.

Scrappy quilter said...

It's been really warm here and most of the snow is now melted. Hopefully our weather will stay that way although up north it's suppose to be -20C tonight. Spring is taking it's time this year. Hugs

Grumpy Old Ken said...

From someone who stuck his hands up the contraceptive machine in mistake for the hand dryer, what do you think!

Stella Jones said...

I love when washing comes in off the line. I've just done that very thing. Now back in England, I hung out my washing this afternoon. The reason for that was that I had been in the town all day! Washing was patiently waiting to be hung out when I got back. It dried in one hour and smells WONDERFUL. My goodness I've missed that in the last three months.
Regarding your other observation, yes I always do wash my hands after using the toilet and sometimes other parts of my anatomy, when necessary.
Maybe women would come out tops on that question? What do you think?

Rose said...

I cannot imagine admitting that I didn't wash my hands....oh, and we had that wind here the other day. I hung out two loads of clothes and by the time I got the second load out, the first was practically dry! Then I hung out another load the next day, and I think that was the half-hour drying time.

JohnD said...

Saw a report on A Current Affair last night where they did and exposure piece on contaminated Sushi from Sushi bars - over 50% of samples grew e-coli! Eat Sushi in Australia and you have a 50/50 chance of getting a gut upset. One sample came up postive for lysteria ???? Mostly the causes were:
1)Contaminated hands - poor hygiene.
2)Contaminated preparation areas - rat and mice droppings
3)Contaminated food products - not properly washed at point of production.

Lib said...

I thought washing your hands after using the bathroom was second nature, guess not huh? Or before eating also.
Its been very WIndy here lately.
Have a Great wk.

angela said...

Yuk! I hope they dont cook for a living.
The weather here has finally turned wintery. Its raining and cold enough to light the fire. So all washing is now on cloths horses drying in my craft room.

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