Saturday, April 23, 2011

A couple of dreams and what they mean.

Like all of you I dream most nights, but most of the time never remember what I dreamt about.  However on Thursday night/Friday morning I had a couple of dreams that I can actually remember.  One I figured out what it meant, the other one not so sure.

Dream number one:

I was in Britain, don't remember who with, but I was taking photos of spring flowers, but couldn't get the focus right on the camera.

Meaning: Well I talk to my mother in Britain a couple times a week, and I know she has been saying how nice the weather is, so I am guessing I want to be somewhere were it is warm and the flowers are blooming?  Am I right?

Dream number two:

I was in the subway and had a bottle of pennies that I was trying to feed the machine so I could get a token to go on the subway.  However I couldn't get it to work, so had to go to the person working there to see if they could do it for me.  For some reason it cost 57 pence, again British money to purchase a token?

Anyhow, the train was on one side of the tracks and I had to wait for it to come around the corner so I could get on it.  My cousin "C" was there and she was getting herbs and garlic in the Subway???  I finally got on it with someone else, but don't know if it was dd or my cousin "W."  I woke up at that point.

Now for my cousins to be there was strange, but the three of us have just all been contacted to one another through Facebook, so maybe that is why I thinking about them?  No idea what the garlic and herbs "C" was going to get????  It would make sense to have dd with me on the Subway, as that would be normal, as when I get on the Subway I lose all sense of direction and she wouldn't trust me to be by myself.

Why I thought it would be 57 pence I have no idea, I just remember the person giving me a 50 pence piece and 7 pennies.  We don't have a 50 cent piece in Canada, so that confused me as well.  Also cousin "C" lives in Canada, whereas cousin "W" lives in England.

Love to hear what you think..............


Joseph Pulikotil said...


It is interesting to read your dreams and interpretations.

Dreams do have meanings but so far no one has been capable of interpreting the dreams correctly.

I know there is a popular book by Sigmund Freud on INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS. But I have not read it.

Wish you all the best,

JohnD said...

Re Dream 2 - You didn't have a dish with cheese and garlic before going to bed that night, did you? LOL!

Sandi McBride said...

Sweet girl, I think in your illness you are home sick and want your Mum's gentle ministrations to make you feel better! Yes, I do believe you are pining for home...

Jane and Chris said...

Makes you wonder what's going on in those brains of ours!!
Jane x

Jackie McGuinness said...

I'm guessing that since you haven't been feeling well and that you're feeling an urge to go "back home" for a visit.

Valerie said...

I've heard it said that dreams have no relation to things that occur in real life yet I think there must be a connection somewhere. It's also not advisable to eat cheese before going to bed...grins

MyBulletinBoard said...

Weird dreams all night long. Too much change all at once. Maybe it's the non-stop high winds. Take it easy, Liz

Karine said...

I always try to find meaning in my long as they're not too outlandish!

I think the out of focus flowers are because you know we will be having flowers here soon, you can see them starting to grow, but we've had such cruddy weather lately that it seems impossible anything will ever grow!

For your cousins being in the second dream I think it really is because of Facebook. You're thinking about being in contact with them so they popped up in your dream :o)

that british woman s brother said...

re. dreams - it means you are suffering senile dementia and heading for the nuthouse due to over use of the computer and talking drivel
your much younger brother nick

Anonymous said...

Herbs and Garlic were used in Roman and Greek wedding bouquets!

Shirley said...

The number 57 always means Heinz's 57 Varieties to me. Subway is also a restaurant. So along with the garlic and herbs could you have been hungry?

DeniseinVA said...

I don't usually remember any dreams. If I do and I don't write them down, then they're forgotten after a day or so. If I thought about it and they were that interesting, I suppose I could write them down.

Kim said...

I think the cold meds are getting to you LOL

Get well soon :)

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