Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some good deals.......

I had to go to Barrie on Friday as I sold the range hood/extractor fan that I had listed on Kijiji, no interest in my lights though :o( .  The woman that bought it lived in Orillia so I agreed to meet her half way in Barrie, as I had a couple of errands to run there.  Anyhow, very pleased got $25 for it which paid half of what it cost to fill my car with gas :o( 

I called in a the dreaded Wal-Mart while I was there as I had to get a new hairdryer, as mine went pop and sparks flew.  Turned out the wire broke and as I didn't want a perm decided to throw it out.  Paid a whopping $14 for a new one, as with the amount of hair I have it takes all of five minutes to dry. For those near the dreaded Wal-Mart they have all the Swiffer products on sale at a great price........

Called in at Michaels as dd wanted some more glass votive holders for the centre pieces for the wedding and had cleaned out her store.  Can't say anymore.......did use a 25% off coupon so saved a little money there.

On the way home I called in at Zehrs and I got some great deals.  How much do you think I paid for that little lot below?

Well if you guessed $38.08, then you are a mind reader and can you tell me the winning numbers of the lottery as well!!!!

I picked up:

1 x tub icecream $3.99
1 x 8 pack cheese strings $2.99, dh loves them
2 x cans peas @ 84 cents each
2 x chips/crisps, both dh and Molly love those......don't's not me that feeds her them!
Deli meat for dh's sandwiches for a total of $5.35, luckily for me dh loves the cheap meat!!
1 x 8 pack hamburger buns $1.99
1 x loaf bread $1.99
1 x margarine $1.99
3 x Hair Dye @ $2.94 each, yes I am back to bloody well dying my hair again!  It was "suggested/mentioned" that maybe I should dye my hair for the wedding.......enough said
1 x 4 pack Olay soap $4.64
2 x 2 pack Olay soap @ $2.34 each
1 x fully cooked chicken @ $6.99 - 50% = $3.49 can't beat that price.
4 x Old Spice body wash @ $2.34 - 50% = $1.17 - $1.00 coupon = 17 cents

I had a pile of coupons which meant the hair dye came out to around $1.00 a box, and the 8 bars of soap cost around $3 for all 8 bars I think.  Couldn't get over the body wash price though, and am going to put it in ds birthday bag, along with the other body wash and deodarant I got him!!!  Don't worry his main gift is money.  However I did get him a gift certificate for two hours of bowling for 4 people through Wag-Jag and paid only $14 for that for him.

I have put the Wag-Jag link on the bottom of the blog as I have to say that there are some great deals on there, and for a lot of good things. 


Scrappy quilter said...

Great job on the shopping. I found out that the co-op in B doubles coupons. So I saved $50.50 on Wed using coupons. They do it every Wed. so I plan on shopping there when I have coupons. They double up to $4.00. I'm liking it. Hugs

The Witch said...

I would have never guessed the amount. You really did get some great bargains.
I also think it was good that you got some extra cash from selling the range hood. I really like Kijiji.

Rose said...

Glad your headache is gone...

great that you sold your range hood thing...maybe list the light again. You never know.

Lib said...

Girl, You're Good!
Have agreat wkend!

DeniseinVA said...

Great deals Gill, off to do a bit of shopping myself this morning.

Stephanie V said...

You're definitely a super shopper!

Karine said...

Wow, that was quite the shopping spree and quite the good deal! Good for you!

Stella Jones said...

Isn't it nice when you get a bargain. I like the 'buy one, get one free' offers best but it is important not to buy things that you wouldn't buy anyway isn't it.
I smiled when I read that the petrol cost half your profit. That's life, my lot in life always!

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