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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Work Christmas Parties

It's that time of year when it's the office Christmas party.  I have been to two over the past couple of nights and yes they were fun but are they necessary?  On Friday night I went to my work's Christmas meal at a restaurant and it was employees only. Lasted a couple of hours; had a meal and a couple of drinks (not me I was driving) and off we went home.

Saturday night it was a totally different experience.  Company paid for four tables in a big ballroom which held 300 people, all from different companies.  Had a meal then there was a disco afterwards.  This was for my dh's company.  Spouses/partners are invited.  I never see the majority of these people from one year to the next.  You're all thrown together and you have to make small talk with people who you barely know or honestly have no interest in. 

I find it funny that just because you work with someone doesn't mean you have to be best friends with them?  In dh's case he is one of the supervisors and he "cracks the whip," as they say with the guys under him, as he has certain expectations of them, which include turning up for work on time!!  Actually doing the work he assigns them and not being complete pratts.  I know terrible things to expect for people who come to work; guess you can call dh old fashioned!!!  Suffice to say he is not the most popular apple in the tree.

Now some of the guys can hide their dislike as work is work and outside of work is another thing, some can't and neither can their spouses/partners, so at times if can be a bit awkward.  While you're eating the meal the music is back ground music.  As soon as the meal is finished up goes the volume and you can't hear yourself think.  So last night I had a different plan of action.  I brought a book, went into the lobby and read a book, and believe me the noise from the disco was still bad.

I had told dh in advance what I was going to do, as my ears are giving me problems at the moment and I feel as though I am on half hearing anyways.  Dh and the guys also stood outside in the hallway drinking all night as they couldn't hear one another for the music, so that left all the woman in the disco by themselves.  I am so glad I brought that book. 

In case you think I am a total party pooper we didn't leave until close to midnight, and walked outside to freezing bloody rain.  We did have chance to stay at the hotel, but as we live only ten minutes from the venue I'd rather sleep in my own bed.  We have been going to this venue for a few years now and I think everyone is fed up of going, but the people who pay for it love the place so off we go every year {{SIGH}}  Yes we are lucky that they provide this perk, but I know for a fact a number of people would rather they forgot about it........

So are you a fan of Christmas parties, or is it just me, and I am getting old!!!!

Christmas song for today and a bit of eye candy!!!


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When we were young and first married we attended these sorts of events and I was very put off by all the inter-office drama, especially since it wasn't my office. It didn't take many of these events to make me say I wasn't going anymore. Hubs was free to attend, of course, but I was done and never regretted my decision. He quit going as well.

A super advantage of Chris working from home..NO CHRISTMAS PARTY!!
Jane x

In my situation, spouses were always included but it seems some companies want parties for employees only. I don't agree with that for many reasons!

Being retired means no more Christmas work parties to endure. I always hated going, and for the last few years never went.

I hated office parties until moving here. The staff have a get together with the patients and it's a lot nicer to work in a friendly environment with hardly any back stabbing. Now being an occupational therapist is a true vocation and no longer a chore it used to be.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


I didn't bother going to our school's Christmas party this year so I guess that makes me a party pooper too. We don't hang out with any of the staff socially so why bother? Instead we threw our own little open house and enjoyed the company of our real friends. Much more meaningful!

We became self employed this year (our Christmas party was burgers and beers at the pub on Friday and it was really nice) but up to last year had to participate in Company Christmas parties and same thing, hubby was upper management and we always had to calculate to leave at 11pm before people had too much to drink so we didn't have to pretend to NOT see things we shouldn't. I hated it.

I went to our works do thinking.."okay this should be over in a couple of hours and then I can go shopping and then home. The young girls in the office, spent an hour in the loo changing into party frocks and giggling excitedly. I guess it's an age thing! Xxx

And I thought I was the only one who doesn't like parties.

We had the best time at our work do that we've ever had, because we didn't have to have invited guests (read:Clients) and make small talk. You could actually sit with people you like and are friends with outside of work, and then catch up with a few people that you only see year to year. It was a really good night.
Judy xx

You are not a party pooper at all. Hubby is the same, very much like your DH,so he is not 'loved' by a few of his workmates. He has no interest in being buddies with these people, but they seem to think that working together means you are all besties. I'm with you, a good book anytime.

Gill you are dating yourself by calling the dancing part a disco LOL Haven't heard that term in ages! :)

HATE Christmas parties where you are with people that you don't ever see...and I swear this is horrible...but at least I know some of my hubby's friends and would be fine with them. They have been here enough to where they are friends....but hate going and having to try to make small talk...

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