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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Okay I will confess to slightly cheating........

As mentioned here, I am going to take part in Carla's January No/Low Spend Challenge.  So I have been stocking up on food items, granted they were on sale.  Bought a few books from Bookcloseouts, again they were on sale, and bought material, once again on sale.  

This material is for a baby quilt; I don't know the sex of the baby, and the mother is not finding out, so figured this was pretty neutral.  There are five flannel fabrics altogether:

Not sure if you remember the stool I bought the other week that needs to be recovered?  I picked up a metre of this material for $6 to recover it with:
It's a heavy weight tapestry and the lady was saying she also uses that material to make bags.

Now I do have a couple of bids in at the charity shop which I guess is spending that doesn't have to be done; but the money does go to a good cause.  Are my excuses making any sense yet?  I am sure I am not the only one who is doing this, am I?

I have been good though in putting my silver change in my sealed pot.  I have also started saving up toonies and loonies in my other pot; I use that money for when gardening season starts.  I am putting $20 away each week in both my Christmas and Birthday pots; and putting $50 away in my other pot, not sure what I am doing with that money just yet.  I know I generally pay for the wood for the fire with that (nearly $900) and any other big things that come up.

I promise though to be good through January and although it won't be a no spend January, it will be a low spend January!!!

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You have 2 days left... Spend away!! ;) lol! Cute fabric!!

You are excused it is still December! Lovely fabric by the way. And how are you quilt squares coming?

I should join in. I can go almost all week without spending except for gas to get to work. On the othger hand, Friday is payday and I can spend almost 300 in groceries, almost a weeks pay. i need to cut that down, i don't have time to shop around to other stores and i don't buy alot of "convenience" foods but i have to feed four of us, two teen boys included and their friends who drop in, it adds up

Gill, that's lovely fabric...looks snuggly and cosy... new Mum will love it.
Jane x

Better get it all spent up the day is almost here :). Love those flannels you bought for backing..

You are not cheating -- you are preparing! I personally think it is a good idea and my DD and I were talking last night about creating a "gift" shelf that we supply throughout the year with things we find -- either clever or on sale or whatever -- and then we never have to obsess over shopping. I don't especially like shopping so I try to do anything I can to make it an easier go. I like the idea of "no/low spend" times -- I think we should all be more aware of where our money goes.

Not at all! Very impressed you're doing this Gill. Love the fabrics.

Really like the fabrics for the baby blanket. Can't wait to see how it looks when you finish it.
Love the challenge that you are doing, I didn't sign up but I'll be closely watching you all.

Love the baby fabrics! I think stocking up is "fair game" for a low-spend month!

Definitely love the baby fabric! My parents are taking our kids to Disneyland this year (their first ever visit), so we are saving change & dollar bills for their spending money while on the trip. The boys are *very* motivated to collect change & $1 bills. They ask multiple times/day. Nothing like a child's enthusiasm to motivate you! :-)

Gill, trust me we are not gamblers. We've been here almost four weeks and between us we spent $10 on slots.
But people watching is a whole other thing, the sights are amazing and the casinos can be works of art.

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