Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lunch with Jane........

On Wednesday I met up with Jane for lunch and a bit of retail therapy.

I'll post about where we ate tomorrow; decided I would get my side of "this" story in before Jane adds here two cents....LOL

We called into the hobby store as Jane noticed they sold wool.  There was a woman that was inquiring about some wool/yarn that you make into a scarf.  The young lady in the store was demonstrating how to knit it, so Jane and I decided to watch.  Now the woman and Jane managed to understand the procedure (is that the word,) but of course I didn't "get it!!"  Anyhow the young lady let me have a go and I managed to knit a row.  So Jane and I decided we would have a go at knitting a scarf.  Jane and I of course wanted the same colour ball of wool; so being the bigger person (in more way's than one!!) I let her have the grey and pink ball , while I took the purple ball as it matches my new Vera Bradley handbag.

So that's our project over the next few months, to knit a scarf.  Now I made a start on mine on Wednesday night, as I figured I would remember what to do.......wrong, wrong, wrong.  Had to go on YouTube to see how to cast on and knit it.  It seems like it's idiot proof as I have got a bit knitted.  Jane can knit so it will be a doddle for her, me; well don't expect me to knit for the Olympics but I think I may have the hang of it.

Now I would love to say I knitted this, but I picked this set up for under $25 for the lady who is having her baby.  It's gorgeous isn't it?

Update 7:30 am Thursday:  Krippa had a baby girl yesterday (12th), no name yet, don't know what time, other than it ended up with a c-section and I think 7lbs 2 or 4 oz.  Mother and baby doing well.

So these in a store, nothing much to say about the sign, other than it's a strange name for a line of wallets don't you think?

We called in at the Mariposa Market Bakery for our special coffee's.  In my case I had a white peppermint hot chocolate. and Jane had a gingerbread latte.
They of course had a wonderful cakes on display like always.
We had a lovely time that's for sure, and will post more photos tomorrow.

Today's Christmas video is a favourite:


The Gramps said...

Hi Gill,

Linda here, Janes sister. I cannot knit to save my life, guess she told you that. I cannot sew either. So you are a woman after my own heart.
If anyone can teach you it will be Jane, though she never taught me, guess her patience is not that good as I am totally useless. Give her a hug from me when you see her next.

Linda x

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Ha I am with Linda in the knitting & sewing dept. though I can knit a scarf however not cast off :). Love the shop where you lunched. Another great lunch outing with Jane

Jane and Chris said...

We had a great day ,didn't we! I wonder if anyone notices that all our photos are inside this was flipping cold for most of the day!
Gill if you can knit the scarf then I reckon we should challenge my sister,Linda.
Jane x

Rebel Blossom @ Studio 2sixty said...

Hi Gill!
Seems knitting is in the air as I have just started to teach myself to knit and am working on a camo scarf for my husband...we'll see how it goes :)
Can't wait to see your lovely purple scarf! It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day xo

Tammy Chrzan said...

Congratulations to the new mom! The cakes... I wish I could decorate cupcakes like that! And... I forgot about the singing raisins until you put them on! Love it!

Crafty Gardener said...

Keep trying with the knitting and you will soon get the hang of it, and that scarf will be finished in no time.

Karine said...

Congratulations to the new parents for their baby girl! On another note, it looks like you had a great outing with you friend! Those desserts look absolutely amazing!

~Carla~ said...

Looks like a great day! Love the "shagwear".. rotfl! Did ya buy one?? ;)

Rose said...

I bet I have hot chocolate before the night is done! I have been wanting some since I seen it in the first post i looked at.