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Thursday, December 27, 2012

No, I'm not going to rob a bank.........

I'm all wrapped up to go outside.

We got a pile of snow over night, so I had to blow out the snow on the driveway.

Looking out of the mud room door.
Looking on the back deck with the BBQ,.  That image in the middle is a reflection on the glass.

My trusty snow blower.  She's not big enough for our driveway, but is a whole lot better than nothing!!

Took me around 1 1/2 hours to clean it all out today.  Will need to do it again as it's still snowing.
The snow fences are doing their jobs.  The drifts are about 2 1/2 feet high.

Looking down the driveway.  I couldn't have got out, as the drifts were so high at the bottom of the driveway.  The snow plow has been past a couple of times, but luckily he didn't dump a pile there.  Plus that bloody mail lady has no excuse not to deliver today, as she can reach the post box no problem!!

I am know knackered and I must have lost some weight???  I was soaked when I got finished.  Will need to do it again this afternoon, though dh said he was finishing at 2pm (started at 5:30am), so he said he would do it.

Off to have a cup of tea and a peanut butter cookie!!

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That is a lot of snow! We had a little bit -- about two inches -- but that isn't the problem -- the ice is the problem and our driveway is shaded all the time so it doesn't melt and is like a skating rink. I keep saying we need to buy salt but I only say it when we are stuck not being able to get out!!

The views outside your home look just like the ones I just posted. We aren't going to do our driveway till it stops snowing as we don't have to go out anywhere at all today. Stay warm and safe.

I applaud you and all that hard work. We received inches of snow in my part of Ohio-USA. I too bundle up including sun glasses...I don't think you can see even an inch of anything that would tell you what I look like. lol

I cleared the steps this morning when we went to get wood.The snowblower isn't attached to the tractor yet.I had to cancel an appt because our dirt roads are not yet plowed.Roll on Spring!
Jane x

Yup, that is a lot of snow. We hear on our news that the US is being hit by snow storms at the moment. More rain for us in store I believe.

Oh.....I am so jealous!!!!! I so want some snow...maybe sat they say!!!! Enjoy!!!

I think I looked the same this morning. My thumbs froze solid shovelling. Got to love the seasons, keeps even us "young" folks busy.

Yep, that's a lot of snow. Good luck with that :)

I hate it when you get rid of all the snow and it just keeps snowing. We got snow here on Vancouver Island but it is slushy and melting as we speak as it is raining today.

I have been reading back through your posts, and I did read a few from a couple of winters ago where you emphatically stated you disliked winter. Still feeling that way? :)

How much snow did you get total down your way Gill? I think we will have gotten close to 40cm in Montreal by the time it's done, some places could get up to 50cms!

You certainly got a wallop of snow. With all the work you have around that farmhouse, you should be as thin as a pin! Keep warm and well fed, that's my advice for the day.
I miss seeing Molly in your pictures. She would be looking out the window at all that snow, wouldn't she. Are you going to get another doggy?

We have had a few flurries and its really cold but outside of that no real snow.

Stay warm

So much snow, I'd just stock up and sit inside and watch it fall. Stray warm and dry.

But it looks so pretty!! We had about two feet of snow. After shoveling for more than an hour, I only got half way through our driveway! We really need to invest in a snow blower :)

Hi Gill,
Looks like you got stuck with snow. Now it is raining cold around my house, Osaka, Japan. Take care not to catch a cold.

Move to Texas Gill!!!
Just looking at your blog made me need a sweater!

Lucky you! The snow is gorgeous!,,

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