Saturday, May 25, 2024

Always love a good deal.........

If you're in Canada and have a Sobey's grocery store nearby here is a great deal.  If you buy 5 Kraft products you can get $10 off in a Sobey's store.

This week Sobey's has Classico pasta sauce on for $3.27 each.  However when you buy 5 you will get the $10 off making them $1.27 each.  I find this pasta sauce very tasty and not as watery as some.  I will say we don't eat a lot of pasta. but wanted to try a variety of sauces.

I went shopping at Walmart on Friday and got a "top up shop," meaning, it's only a few things.  Funny thing looking at this lot, you know I must have the grandkids coming, with all the snacks.   My grandkids are always starving!!😂  They seem to have bottomless pits as stomachs!!  Or they know that Nana always has plenty of snacks on hand!!

That little lot cost me $60.
Did you get any good deals while grocery shopping this week.


Patio Postcards said...

Thanks for heads up about Sobeys's deal. These days I'm always looking for specials & I do try to make my trips into town worth the drive. Locally I find our Sobeys more expensive than Zehrs.

My Piece of Earth said...

Pasta sauce was a good deal, that is the brand I usually buy.

The only things in my grocery shop this week was fruit and veg, did not need anything else.

My great grands must have hollow legs as they are always eating too, how Mum is able to feed five of them I do not know. Like you, snacks are always at Grandma's house.

Have a great weekend.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

We seem to have settled in to a routine of doing a bigger shop once a month and then just pick up small additions after that. Talking about prices - we were wanting to pick up a bag of prunes yesterday (we both like them as a little 'sweet' for breakfast) and were absolutely astounded to see the price had soured to over $20, more than double what we were paying previously.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

If I bought sauce from a jar my mother would roll over in her grave. I've never tasted this.
I did buy Rao's once in a pinch when I had nothing and it wasn't bad. But it's not something I'd buy again unless it was the same type situation. Do you ever make your own? Easy, cheaper, and tastier :-)

Jackie said...

Great deal from Sobeys. I don't often shop there as it is a bit out of my way.

God bless.

Margie from Toronto said...

I was at No Frills on Friday as I wanted to stock up on a number of items that I double up Loyalty Points on by shopping strategically. Managed to accumulate almost $30 in points - even the cashier was impressed!
I have a pretty good pantry for just one person so now I tend to only buy loss leaders or items I can earn points on and then just fresh produce and dairy a couple of times per month.

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