Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Paint By Numbers Review

Last month I picked up a Paint By Numbers Kit at Michaels Craft Store.  Here in Canada they are around $20, but if you use their weekly coupon you can get them cheaper.  This is the kit I picked up and is described as challenging; which I agree with.

As you can see it comes with everything and there were over 2700 sections to paint.
It comes with everything to hang it up with.  I attached it to a Command Hook at the end of the pantry in the kitchen.
Hubby bought me another one as part of my Mother's Day gift.  This one is described as Intermediate.

I have made a start, but I am guessing it will take me a month again to finish it, as I treat it like a puzzle and just do a bit then break off to do something else.
I will say it's difficult to see the numbers at times, so had to get out my magnifying glass again.
These kits are a lot more expensive than the dollar store kits.  However, we are painting on a canvas.  The paints are a lot thicker and creamier.  I like the hanging kit.  The brushes though are no better than the ones that come with the dollar store kits.

If I had to choose I would choose the Michael's kits over the dollar store ones.


Patio Postcards said...

Glad you are feeling better. In spite of being 100% Canadian, I know all about tonics, guess that's the results of being raised by British parents, Grandparents (col). We have a home brew tonic recipe that is called for after any bout of illness. I chuckled at the nurse' renaming to ATONIC... in Crazy Rich Asians, Nicky's Mother calls for a tonic when they meet in the kitchen as she says he's looking run down ... I guess many cultures have their recipe for a tonic.
Your art work is really nice - I must look at the kits next time I'm in Michaels.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I had no idea paint by number kits still existed. My sister, when she was young, was quite the accomplished "paint by number-er" and did many series, with my father framing them. They were hung in our shared bedroom : kittens, dogs, horses... Now she is an artist. I would have to use the magnifying glass as well on those kits that you showed! -Jenn

My Piece of Earth said...

I did those years ago, must go and see if I can find them at Michaels. It would be a nice change from sewing. I like the hangers that come with them too.

Look forward to seeing the completed picture you are working on now.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think paint-by-numbers have come a long way since I used to do them when I was a kid. I wouldn't mind doing one if I had the space to hang it afterwards.

Rose said...

I love the one your husband bought you...

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