Wednesday, May 29, 2024

A couple of things

On Tuesday I had to run a couple of errands, went to the library, Dollarama and Zehrs.

I have this bush in the garden, that I have no idea where it came from.  I didn't plant it and as you can see by the photo, the top of it is all over the place.

I bought a plastic stake at Dollarama for $4 to try and "tame" it a bit.
Does anyone have any idea what this bush is called?
Also in Dollarama I buy this damp trap.  It works a treat.  I put it down the basement.  Although our basement isn't damp, it is below ground, so it doesn't do any harm to put one down there.
The one I have down there now has been there since April 10th.
They generally last around three months.  I would recommend this product, as it does work.  Especially in Summer when it's humid.
My most favourite coffee is this one.  We have a Keurig, but I have an insert where I can just use ground coffee instead of the pods.  It was on sale for $12.99, plus I got 2,000 points back which I save and cash in for free groceries.
Do you drink coffee and if so what is your favourite brand?


Cassie said...

Very pretty smoke bush or smoke tree.

Linda said...

I have n idea what the plant is. Cut off a piece and take it to a garden center. They have books.No, I do not drink coffee, never have.

Patio Postcards said...

I believe that is a Smoke Bush growing in your garden. Thanks for the damp recommendation. I chucked at yesterday's Bridgerton naming. And congratulations on 35 years in Canada

My Piece of Earth said...

I use the insert for the Keurig too, Maxwell House is the coffee I use, however, have bought most of the other brands in past years.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I agree with the other commenters, that is a smoke bush. You can trim off those tall bits after it "flowers" to make it a bit more compact if you want. The flowers look like puffy dark pink smoke. -Jenn

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I like that coffee too but Resident Chef prefers PC West Coast Dark so we generally have both on hand.
Thank you for the info about the damp trap because our bathroom doesn't have a window and a very small fan that doesn't really suck out the moisture from showers. Having one of those might be a good thing.

Karen said...

I will confess that we are coffee snobs. We buy different varieties from a local artisan roaster that we love. It's our one indulgence.

Sunday Song

Doris Day is a favourite singer of a family member.  So this song is for them.